40 CFR § 180.704 - Sulfometuron-methyl; tolerances for residues.

§ 180.704 Sulfometuron-methyl; tolerances for residues.

(a) General.

(1) Tolerances are established for residues of the herbicide sulfometuron-methyl, including its metabolites and degradates, in or on the commodity in the table below. Compliance with the tolerance levels specified below is to be determined by measuring only sulfometuron-methyl, (methyl 2-[[[[(4,6-dimethyl-2-pyrimidinyl)amino]carbonyl]amino]sulfonyl]benzoate), in or on the following raw agricultural commodities:

Commodity Parts per
Sugarcane, cane 1 0.1

1 There are no U.S. Registrations on Sugarcane as of September 24, 2018.

(b) Section 18 emergency exemptions. [Reserved]

(c) Tolerances with regional registrations. [Reserved]

(d) Indirect or inadvertent residues. [Reserved]

[84 FR 11420, Mar. 27, 2019]