40 CFR § 205.52 - Vehicle noise emission standards.

§ 205.52 Vehicle noise emission standards.

(a) Low Speed Noise Emission Standard. Vehicles which are manufactured after the following effective dates shall be designed, built and equipped so that they will not produce sound emissions in excess of the levels indicated.

Effective date Level
(i) January 1, 1979 83 dBA.
(ii) January 1, 1988 80 dBA.

(b) The standards set forth in paragraph (a) of this section refer to the sound emissions as measured in accordance with the procedures prescribed in § 205.54-1,2.

(c) Every manufacturer of a new motor vehicle subject to the standards prescribed in this paragraph shall, prior to taking any of the actions specified in section 10(a)(1) of the Act, comply with the other provisions of this subpart or Subpart A, as applicable.

(d) In-Use Standard. [Reserved]

(e) Low Noise Emission Product. [Reserved]

(Sec. 6, Pub. L. 92-574, 86 Stat. 1237 (42 U.S.C. 4905, 4906))
[41 FR 15544, Apr. 13, 1976, as amended at 42 FR 61456, Dec. 5, 1977; 51 FR 852, Jan. 8, 1986]