40 CFR § 205.55-2 - Compliance with standards.

§ 205.55-2 Compliance with standards.


(1) Prior to distribution in commerce of vehicles of a specific configuration, the first manufactures of such vehicles must verify such configurations in accordance with the requirements of this subpart.

(2) [Reserved]

(3) At any time following receipt of notice under this section with respect to a configuration, the Administrator may require that the manufacturer ship test vehicles to the EPA test facility in order for the Administrator to perform the tests required for production verification.

(b) The requirements for purposes of testing by the Administrator and selective enforcement auditing with regard to each vehicle configuration consist of:

(1) Testing in accordance with § 205.54 of a vehicle selected in accordance with § 205.57-2, and

(2) Compliance of the test vehicle with the applicable standard when tested in accordance with § 205.54.


(1) In lieu of testing vehicles of every configuration as described in paragraph (b) of this section, the manufacturer may elect to verify the configuration based on representative testing, the requirements of which consist of:

(i) Grouping configurations into a category where each category will be determined by a separate combination of at least the following parameters (a manufacturer may use more parameters):

(a) Engine type.

(1) Gasoline - two stroke cycle.

(2) Gasoline - four stroke cycle.

(3) Diesel - two stroke cycle.

(4) Diesel - four stroke cycle.

(5) Rotary - wankel.

(6) Turbine.

(7) Other.

(b) Engine manufacturer.

(c) Engine displacement.

(d) Engine configuration (e.g., L-6, V-8, etc.).

(e) Series (i.e., cab design) including but not limited to conventional, cab over engine, and cab forward.

(ii) Identifying the configuration within each category which emits the highest sound pressure level (dBA) based on his best technical judgment and/or emission test data;

(iii) Testing in accordance with § 205.54 of a vehicle selected in accordance with § 205.57-2 which must be a vehicle of the configuration which is identified pursuant to paragraph (c)(1)(ii) of this section as having the highest sound pressure level (estimated or actual) within the category; and

(iv) Compliance of the test vehicle with applicable standards when tested in accordance with § 205.54.

(2) Where the requirements of paragraph (c)(1) are complied with, all those configurations contained within a category are considered represented by the tested vehicle.

(3) Where the manufacturer tests a vehicle configuration which has not been determined as having the highest sound pressure level of a category, but all other requirements of paragraph (c)(1) of this section are complied with all those configurations contained with that category which are determined to have sound pressure levels no greater than the tested vehicle are considered to be represented by the tested vehicle, however, a manufacturer must for purposes of Testing by the Administrator and Selective Enforcement Auditing verify according to the requirements of paragraphs (b)(1) and/or (c)(1) of this section any configurations in the subject category which have a higher sound pressure level than the vehicle configuration tested.

(d) [Reserved]

(e) The manufacturer may, at his option, proceed with any of the following alternatives with respect to any vehicle determined not in compliance with applicable standards.

(1) In the case of representative testing a new test vehicle from another configuration must be selected according to the requirements of paragraph (c) of this section, in order to verify the configurations represented by the non-compliant vehicle.

(2) Modify the test vehicle and demonstrate by testing that it meets applicable standards. The manufacturer must modify all production vehicles of the same configuration in the same manner as the test vehicle before distribution into commerce.

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