40 CFR § 205.57-3 - Test vehicle preparation.

§ 205.57-3 Test vehicle preparation.

(a) Prior to the official test, the test vehicle selected in accordance with § 205-57-2 shall not be prepared, tested, modified, adjusted, or maintained in any manner unless such adjustments, preparation, modification and/or tests are part of the manufacturer's prescribed manufacturing and inspection procedures, and are documented in the manufacturer's internal vehicle assembly and inspection procedures or unless such adjustments and/or tests are required or permitted under this subpart or are approved in advance by the Administrator. For purposes of this section, prescribed manufacturing and inspection procedures include quality control testing and assembly procedures normally performed by the manufacturer on like products during early production so long as the resulting testing is not biased by the procedure. In the case of imported products the manufacturer may perform adjustments, preparations, modification and/or tests normally performed at the port of entry by the manufacturer to prepare the vehicle for delivery to a dealer or customer.

(b) Equipment or fixtures necessary to conduct the test may be installed on the vehicle: Provided, That such equipment or fixtures shall have no effect on the noise emissions of the vehicle, as determined by measurement methodology.

(c) In the event of vehicle malfunction (i.e., failure to start, misfiring cylinder, etc.) the manufacturer may perform the maintenance that is necessary to enable the vehicle to operate in a normal manner.

(d) No quality control, testing, assembly or selection procedures shall be used on the completed vehicle or any portion thereof, including parts and subassemblies, that will not normally be used during the production and assembly of all other vehicles of the category which will be distributed in commerce, unless such procedures are required or permitted under this subpart.

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