40 CFR § 205.57-7 - Acceptance and rejection of batch sequence.

§ 205.57-7 Acceptance and rejection of batch sequence.

(a) The manufacturer will continue to inspect consecutive batches until the batch sequence is accepted or rejected based upon the number of rejected batches. A sufficient number of consecutive batches will be inspected until the cumulative number of rejected batches is less than or equal to the sequence acceptance number of greater than or equal to the sequence rejection number appropriate for the cumulative number of batches inspected. The acceptance and rejection numbers listed in Appendix I, Table III at the appropriate code letter obtained according to § 205.57-2 will be used in determining whether the acceptance or rejection of a batch sequence has occurred.

(b) Acceptance or rejection of a batch sequence takes place when the decision that a vehicle is a failiing vehicle is made on the last vehicle required to make a decision under paragraph (a) of this section.

(c) If the batch sequence is accepted, the manufactureer will not be required to perform any additional testing on vehicles from subsequent batches pursuant to the initiating test request.

(d) The Administrator may terminate testing earlier than required in paragraph (b) of this section based on a request by the manufacturer accompanied by voluntary cessation of distribution in commerce, of vehicles from the category, configuration or subgroup in question manufactured at the plant which produced the vehicles under test: Provided, That before reinitiating distribution in commerce of vehicles from such plant of such vehicle category, configuration or subgroup, the manufacturer must take the action described in § 205.57-9(a)(1) and (a)(2).

[41 FR 15544, Apr. 13, 1976, as amended at 42 FR 61460, Dec. 5, 1977]