40 CFR § 228.3 - Disposal site management responsibilities.

§ 228.3 Disposal site management responsibilities.

(a) Management of a site consists of regulating times, rates, and methods of disposal and quantities and types of materials disposed of; developing and maintaining effective ambient monitoring programs for the site; conducting disposal site evaluation and designation studies; and recommending modifications in site use and/or designation (e.g., termination of use of the site for general use or for disposal of specific wastes).

(b) Each site, upon final designation, will be assigned to either an EPA Regional office or to EPA Headquarters for management. These designations will be consistent with the delegation of authority in § 220.4 of this chapter. The designated management authority is fully responsible for all aspects of the management of sites within the general requirements specified in § 220.4 and this chapter. Specific requirements for meeting the management responsibilities assigned to the designated management authority for each site are outlined in §§ 228.5 and 228.6.

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