40 CFR § 233.23 - Permit conditions.

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§ 233.23 Permit conditions.

(a) For each permit the Director shall establish conditions which assure compliance with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, including the 404(b)(1) Guidelines, applicable section 303 water quality standards, and applicable section 307 effluent standards and prohibitions.

(b) Section 404 permits shall be effective for a fixed term not to exceed 5 years.

(c) Each 404 permit shall include conditions meeting or implementing the following requirements:

(1) A specific identification and complete description of the authorized activity including name and address of permittee, location and purpose of discharge, type and quantity of material to be discharged. (This subsection is not applicable to general permits).

(2) Only the activities specifically described in the permit are authorized.

(3) The permittee shall comply with all conditions of the permit even if that requires halting or reducing the permitted activity to maintain compliance. Any permit violation constitutes a violation of the Act as well as of State statute and/or regulation.

(4) The permittee shall take all reasonable steps to minimize or prevent any discharge in violation of this permit.

(5) The permittee shall inform the Director of any expected or known actual noncompliance.

(6) The permittee shall provide such information to the Director, as the Director requests, to determine compliance status, or whether cause exists for permit modification, revocation or termination.

(7) Monitoring, reporting and recordkeeping requirements as needed to safeguard the aquatic environment. (Such requirements will be determined on a case-by-case basis, but at a minimum shall include monitoring and reporting of any expected leachates, reporting of noncompliance, planned changes or transfer of the permit.)

(8) Inspection and entry. The permittee shall allow the Director, or his authorized representative, upon presentation of proper identification, at reasonable times to:

(i) Enter upon the permittee's premises where a regulated activity is located or where records must be kept under the conditions of the permit,

(ii) Have access to and copy any records that must be kept under the conditions of the permit,

(iii) Inspect operations regulated or required under the permit, and

(iv) Sample or monitor, for the purposes of assuring permit compliance or as otherwise authorized by the Act, any substances or parameters at any location.

(9) Conditions assuring that the discharge will be conducted in a manner which minimizes adverse impacts upon the physical, chemical and biological integrity of the waters of the United States, such as requirements for restoration or mitigation.