40 CFR § 243.202-2 - Recommended procedures: Design.

§ 243.202-2 Recommended procedures: Design.

(a) Whenever possible, enclosed, metal, leak-resistant compactor vehicles should be used for the collection of solid wastes.

(b) Safety devices, including, but not limited to, the following should be provided on all collection vehicles:

(1) Exterior rear-view mirrors.

(2) Back-up lights.

(3) Four-way emergency flashers.

(4) Easily accessible first aid equipment.

(5) Easily accessible fire extinguisher.

(6) Audible reverse warning device.

(c) If crew members ride outside the cab of the collection vehicle for short trips the vehicle should be equipped with handholds and platforms big enough to safeguard against slipping.

(d) Vehicle size should take into consideration: Local weight and height limits for all roads over which the vehicle will travel; turning radius; and loading height in the unloading position to insure overhead clearance in transfer stations, service buildings, incinerators, or other facilities.

(e) Engines which conserve fuel and minimize pollution should be used in collection vehicles to reduce fuel consumption and air pollution.