40 CFR § 256.22 - Recommendations for State regulatory powers.

§ 256.22 Recommendations for State regulatory powers.

In order to assist compliance with section 4003(4), the following are recommendations for State regulatory powers as may be necessary to prohibit new open dumps and close or upgrade all existing open dumps.

(a) Solid waste disposal standards:

(1) Should be based on the health and environmental impacts of disposal facilities.

(2) Should specify design and operational standards.

(3) Should take into account the climatic, geologic, and other relevant characteristics of the State.

(b) Surveillance systems should establish monitoring requirements for facilities.

(1) Every facility should be evaluated for potential adverse health and environmental effects. Based on this evaluation, instrumentation, sampling, monitoring, and inspection requirements should be established.

(2) Every facility which produces leachate in quantities and concentrations that could contaminate ground water in an aquifer should be required to monitor to detect and predict contamination.

(3) Inspectors should be trained and provided detailed instructions for checking on the procedures and conditions that are specified in the engineering plan and site permit. Provisions should be made to ensure chain of custody for evidence.

(c) Facility assessment and prescription of remedial measures should be carried out by adequately trained or experienced professional staff, including engineers and geologists.

(d) The State permit system should provide the administrative control to prohibit the establishment of new open dumps and to assist in meeting the requirement that all wastes be used or disposed in an environmentally sound manner.

(1) Permitting procedures for new facilities should require applicants to demonstrate that the facility will comply with the criteria.

(2) The permit system should specify, for the facility operator, the location, design, construction, operational, monitoring, reporting, completion and maintenance requirements.

(3) Permit procedures should include provisions to ensure that future use of the property on which the facility is located is compatible with that property's use as a solid waste disposal facility. These procedures should include identification of future land use or the inclusion of a stipulation in the property deed which notifies future purchasers of precautions necessitated by the use of the property as a solid waste disposal facility.

(4) Permits should only be issued to facilities that are consistent with the State plan, or with substate plans developed under the State plan.

(e) The enforcement system should be designed to include both administrative procedures and judicial remedies to enforce the compliance schedules and closure procedures for open dumps.

(1) Permits, surveillance, and enforcement system capabilities should be designed for supporting court action.

(2) Detection capabilities and penalties for false reporting should be provided for.

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