40 CFR § 262.252 - Required equipment.

§ 262.252 Required equipment.

All areas deemed applicable by § 262.250 must be equipped with the items in paragraphs (a) through (d) of this section (unless none of the hazards posed by waste handled at the facility could require a particular kind of equipment specified below or the actual hazardous waste generation or accumulation area does not lend itself for safety reasons to have a particular kind of equipment specified below). A large quantity generator may determine the most appropriate locations within its facility to locate equipment necessary to prepare for and respond to emergencies:

(a) An internal communications or alarm system capable of providing immediate emergency instruction (voice or signal) to facility personnel;

(b) A device, such as a telephone (immediately available at the scene of operations) or a hand-held two-way radio, capable of summoning emergency assistance from local police departments, fire departments, or state or local emergency response teams;

(c) Portable fire extinguishers, fire control equipment (including special extinguishing equipment, such as that using foam, inert gas, or dry chemicals), spill control equipment, and decontamination equipment; and

(d) Water at adequate volume and pressure to supply water hose streams, or foam producing equipment, or automatic sprinklers, or water spray systems.