40 CFR § 264.110 - Applicability.

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§ 264.110 Applicability.

Except as § 264.1 provides otherwise:

(a) Sections 264.111 through 264.115 (which concern closure) apply to the owners and operators of all hazardous waste management facilities; and

(b) Sections 264.116 through 264.120 (which concern post-closure care) apply to the owners and operators of:

(1) All hazardous waste disposal facilities;

(2) Waste piles and surface impoundments from which the owner or operator intends to remove the wastes at closure to the extent that these sections are made applicable to such facilities in § 264.228 or § 264.258;

(3) Tank systems that are required under § 264.197 to meet the requirements for landfills; and

(4) Containment buildings that are required under § 264.1102 to meet the requirement for landfills.

(c) The Regional Administrator may replace all or part of the requirements of this subpart (and the unit-specific standards referenced in § 264.111(c) applying to a regulated unit), with alternative requirements set out in a permit or in an enforceable document (as defined in 40 CFR 270.1(c)(7)), where the Regional Administrator determines that:

(1) The regulated unit is situated among solid waste management units (or areas of concern), a release has occurred, and both the regulated unit and one or more solid waste management unit(s) (or areas of concern) are likely to have contributed to the release; and

(2) It is not necessary to apply the closure requirements of this subpart (and those referenced herein) because the alternative requirements will protect human health and the environment and will satisfy the closure performance standard of § 264.111 (a) and (b).

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