40 CFR § 264.1100 - Applicability.

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§ 264.1100 Applicability.

The requirements of this subpart apply to owners or operators who store or treat hazardous waste in units designed and operated under § 264.1101 of this subpart. The owner or operator is not subject to the definition of land disposal in RCRA section 3004(k) provided that the unit:

(a) Is a completely enclosed, self-supporting structure that is designed and constructed of manmade materials of sufficient strength and thickness to support themselves, the waste contents, and any personnel and heavy equipment that operate within the unit, and to prevent failure due to pressure gradients, settlement, compression, or uplift, physical contact with the hazardous wastes to which they are exposed; climatic conditions; and the stresses of daily operation, including the movement of heavy equipment within the unit and contact of such equipment with containment walls;

(b) Has a primary barrier that is designed to be sufficiently durable to withstand the movement of personnel, wastes, and handling equipment within the unit;

(c) If the unit is used to manage liquids, has:

(1) A primary barrier designed and constructed of materials to prevent migration of hazardous constituents into the barrier;

(2) A liquid collection system designed and constructed of materials to minimize the accumulation of liquid on the primary barrier; and

(3) A secondary containment system designed and constructed of materials to prevent migration of hazardous constituents into the barrier, with a leak detection and liquid collection system capable of detecting, collecting, and removing leaks of hazardous constituents at the earliest practicable time, unless the unit has been granted a variance from the secondary containment system requirements under § 264.1101(b)(4);

(d) Has controls sufficient to prevent fugitive dust emissions to meet the no visible emission standard in § 264.1101(c)(1)(iv); and

(e) Is designed and operated to ensure containment and prevent the tracking of materials from the unit by personnel or equipment.

[57 FR 37265, Aug. 18, 1992, as amended at 71 FR 16907, Apr. 4, 2006]