40 CFR § 264.254 - Monitoring and inspection.

§ 264.254 Monitoring and inspection.

(a) During construction or installation, liners (except in the case of existing portions of piles exempt from § 264.251(a)) and cover systems (e.g., membranes, sheets, or coatings) must be inspected for uniformity, damage, and imperfections (e.g., holes, cracks, thin spots, or foreign materials). Immediately after construction or installation:

(1) Synthetic liners and covers must be inspected to ensure tight seams and joints and the absence of tears, punctures, or blisters; and

(2) Soil-based and admixed liners and covers must be inspected for imperfections including lenses, cracks, channels, root holes, or other structural non-uniformities that may cause an increase in the permeability of the liner or cover.

(b) While a waste pile is in operation, it must be inspected weekly and after storms to detect evidence of any of the following:

(1) Deterioration, malfunctions, or improper operation of run-on and run-off control systems;

(2) Proper functioning of wind dispersal control systems, where present; and

(3) The presence of leachate in and proper functioning of leachate collection and removal systems, where present.

(c) An owner or operator required to have a leak detection system under § 264.251(c) must record the amount of liquids removed from each leak detection system sump at least once each week during the active life and closure period.

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