40 CFR § 264.345 - Operating requirements.

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§ 264.345 Operating requirements.

(a) An incinerator must be operated in accordance with operating requirements specified in the permit. These will be specified on a case-by-case basis as those demonstrated (in a trial burn or in alternative data as specified in § 264.344(b) and included with part B of a facility's permit application) to be sufficient to comply with the performance standards of § 264.343.

(b) Each set of operating requirements will specify the composition of the waste feed (including acceptable variations in the physical or chemical properties of the waste feed which will not affect compliance with the performance requirement of § 264.343) to which the operating requirements apply. For each such waste feed, the permit will specify acceptable operating limits including the following conditions:

(1) Carbon monoxide (CO) level in the stack exhaust gas;

(2) Waste feed rate;

(3) Combustion temperature;

(4) An appropriate indicator of combustion gas velocity;

(5) Allowable variations in incinerator system design or operating procedures; and

(6) Such other operating requirements as are necessary to ensure that the performance standards of § 264.343 are met.

(c) During start-up and shut-down of an incinerator, hazardous waste (except wastes exempted in accordance with § 264.340) must not be fed into the incinerator unless the incinerator is operating within the conditions of operation (temperature, air feed rate, etc.) specified in the permit.

(d) Fugitive emissions from the combustion zone must be controlled by:

(1) Keeping the combustion zone totally sealed against fugitive emissions; or

(2) Maintaining a combustion zone pressure lower than atmospheric pressure; or

(3) An alternate means of control demonstrated (with part B of the permit application) to provide fugitive emissions control equivalent to maintenance of combustion zone pressure lower than atmospheric pressure.

(e) An incinerator must be operated with a functioning system to automatically cut off waste feed to the incinerator when operating conditions deviate from limits established under paragraph (a) of this section.

(f) An incinerator must cease operation when changes in waste feed, incinerator design, or operating conditions exceed limits designated in its permit.

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