40 CFR § 264.347 - Monitoring and inspections.

§ 264.347 Monitoring and inspections.

(a) The owner or operator must conduct, as a minimum, the following monitoring while incinerating hazardous waste:

(1) Combustion temperature, waste feed rate, and the indicator of combustion gas velocity specified in the facility permit must be monitored on a continuous basis.

(2) CO must be monitored on a continuous basis at a point in the incinerator downstream of the combustion zone and prior to release to the atmosphere.

(3) Upon request by the Regional Administrator, sampling and analysis of the waste and exhaust emissions must be conducted to verify that the operating requirements established in the permit achieve the performance standards of § 264.343.

(b) The incinerator and associated equipment (pumps, valves, conveyors, pipes, etc.) must be subjected to thorough visual inspection, at least daily, for leaks, spills, fugitive emissions, and signs of tampering.

(c) The emergency waste feed cutoff system and associated alarms must be tested at least weekly to verify operability, unless the applicant demonstrates to the Regional Administrator that weekly inspections will unduly restrict or upset operations and that less frequent inspection will be adequate. At a minimum, operational testing must be conducted at least monthly.

(d) This monitoring and inspection data must be recorded and the records must be placed in the operating record required by § 264.73 of this part and maintained in the operating record for five years.

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