40 CFR § 264.553 - Temporary Units (TU).

§ 264.553 Temporary Units (TU).

(a) For temporary tanks and container storage areas used to treat or store hazardous remediation wastes during remedial activities required under § 264.101 or RCRA 3008(h), or at a permitted facility that is not subject to § 264.101, the Regional Administrator may designate a unit at the facility, as a temporary unit. A temporary unit must be located within the contiguous property under the control of the owner/operator where the wastes to be managed in the temporary unit originated. For temporary units, the Regional Administrator may replace the design, operating, or closure standard applicable to these units under this part 264 or part 265 of this chapter with alternative requirements which protect human health and the environment.

(b) Any temporary unit to which alternative requirements are applied in accordance with paragraph (a) of this section shall be:

(1) Located within the facility boundary; and

(2) Used only for treatment or storage of remediation wastes.

(c) In establishing standards to be applied to a temporary unit, the Regional Administrator shall consider the following factors:

(1) Length of time such unit will be in operation;

(2) Type of unit;

(3) Volumes of wastes to be managed;

(4) Physical and chemical characteristics of the wastes to be managed in the unit;

(5) Potential for releases from the unit;

(6) Hydrogeological and other relevant environmental conditions at the facility which may influence the migration of any potential releases; and

(7) Potential for exposure of humans and environmental receptors if releases were to occur from the unit.

(d) The Regional Administrator shall specify in the permit or order the length of time a temporary unit will be allowed to operate, to be no longer than a period of one year. The Regional Administrator shall also specify the design, operating, and closure requirements for the unit.

(e) The Regional Administrator may extend the operational period of a temporary unit once for no longer than a period of one year beyond that originally specified in the permit or order, if the Regional Administrator determines that:

(1) Continued operation of the unit will not pose a threat to human health and the environment; and

(2) Continued operation of the unit is necessary to ensure timely and efficient implementation of remedial actions at the facility.

(f) Incorporation of a temporary unit or a time extension for a temporary unit into an existing permit shall be:

(1) Approved in accordance with the procedures for Agency-initiated permit modifications under § 270.41; or

(2) Requested by the owner/operator as a Class II modification according to the procedures under § 270.42 of this chapter.

(g) The Regional Administrator shall document the rationale for designating a temporary unit and for granting time extensions for temporary units and shall make such documentation available to the public.

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