40 CFR § 265.252 - Waste analysis.

§ 265.252 Waste analysis.

In addition to the waste analyses required by § 265.13, the owner or operator must analyze a representative sample of waste from each incoming movement before adding the waste to any existing pile, unless (1) The only wastes the facility receives which are amenable to piling are compatible with each other, or (2) the waste received is compatible with the waste in the pile to which it is to be added. The analysis conducted must be capable of differentiating between the types of hazardous waste the owner or operator places in piles, so that mixing of incompatible waste does not inadvertently occur. The analysis must include a visual comparison of color and texture.

[Comment: As required by § 265.13, the waste analysis plan must include analyses needed to comply with §§ 265.256 and 265.257. As required by § 265.73, the owner or operator must place the results of this analysis in the operating record of the facility.]

(b) [Reserved]