40 CFR § 265.347 - Monitoring and inspections.

§ 265.347 Monitoring and inspections.

The owner or operator must conduct, as a minimum, the following monitoring and inspections when incinerating hazardous waste:

(a) Existing instruments which relate to combustion and emission control must be monitored at least every 15 minutes. Appropriate corrections to maintain steady state combustion conditions must be made immediately either automatically or by the operator. Instruments which relate to combustion and emission control would normally include those measuring waste feed, auxiliary fuel feed, air flow, incinerator temperature, scrubber flow, scrubber pH, and relevant level controls.

(b) The complete incinerator and associated equipment (pumps, valves, conveyors, pipes, etc.) must be inspected at least daily for leaks, spills, and fugitive emissions, and all emergency shutdown controls and system alarms must be checked to assure proper operation.

[46 FR 7678, Jan. 23, 1981, as amended at 47 FR 27533, June 24, 1982]