40 CFR § 270.25 - Specific part B information requirements for equipment.

§ 270.25 Specific part B information requirements for equipment.

Except as otherwise provided in § 264.1, owners and operators of facilities that have equipment to which subpart BB of part 264 applies must provide the following additional information:

(a) For each piece of equipment to which subpart BB of part 264 applies:

(1) Equipment identification number and hazardous waste management unit identification.

(2) Approximate locations within the facility (e.g., identify the hazardous waste management unit on a facility plot plan).

(3) Type of equipment (e.g., a pump or pipeline valve).

(4) Percent by weight total organics in the hazardous waste stream at the equipment.

(5) Hazardous waste state at the equipment (e.g., gas/vapor or liquid).

(6) Method of compliance with the standard (e.g., “monthly leak detection and repair” or “equipped with dual mechanical seals”).

(b) For facilities that cannot install a closed-vent system and control device to comply with the provisions of 40 CFR 264 subpart BB on the effective date that the facility becomes subject to the provisions of 40 CFR 264 or 265 subpart BB, an implementation schedule as specified in § 264.1033(a)(2).

(c) Where an owner or operator applies for permission to use a control device other than a thermal vapor incinerator, catalytic vapor incinerator, flare, boiler, process heater, condenser, or carbon adsorption system and chooses to use test data to determine the organic removal efficiency or the total organic compound concentration achieved by the control device, a performance test plan as specified in § 264.1035(b)(3).

(d) Documentation that demonstrates compliance with the equipment standards in §§ 264.1052 to 264.1059. This documentation shall contain the records required under § 264.1064. The Regional Administrator may request further documentation before deciding if compliance has been demonstrated.

(e) Documentation to demonstrate compliance with § 264.1060 shall include the following information:

(1) A list of all information references and sources used in preparing the documentation.

(2) Records, including the dates, of each compliance test required by § 264.1033(j).

(3) A design analysis, specifications, drawings, schematics, and piping and instrumentation diagrams based on the appropriate sections of “APTI Course 415: Control of Gaseous Emissions” (incorporated by reference as specified in § 270.6) or other engineering texts acceptable to the Regional Administrator that present basic control device information. The design analysis shall address the vent stream characteristics and control device operation parameters as specified in § 264.1035(b)(4)(iii).

(4) A statement signed and dated by the owner or operator certifying that the operating parameters used in the design analysis reasonably represent the conditions that exist when the hazardous waste management unit is operating at the highest load or capacity level reasonably expected to occur.

(5) A statement signed and dated by the owner or operator certifying that the control device is designed to operate at an efficiency of 95 weight percent or greater.

[55 FR 25518, June 21, 1990, as amended at 56 FR 19290, Apr. 26, 1991; 70 FR 59577, Oct. 12, 2005]

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