40 CFR 279.51 - Notification.

§ 279.51 Notification.
(a) Identification numbers. Used oil processors and re-refiners who have not previously complied with the notification requirements of RCRA section 3010 must comply with these requirements and obtain an EPA identification number.
(b) Mechanics of notification. A used oil processor or re-refiner who has not received an EPA identification number may obtain one by notifying the Regional Administrator of their used oil activity by submitting either:
(1) A completed EPA Form 8700-12 (To obtain EPA Form 8700-12 call RCRA/Superfund Hotline at 1-800-424-9346 or 703-920-9810); or
(2) A letter requesting an EPA identification number.
Call RCRA/Superfund Hotline to determine where to send a letter requesting an EPA identification number. The letter should include the following information:
(i) Processor or re-refiner company name;
(ii) Owner of the processor or re-refiner company;
(iii) Mailing address for the processor or re-refiner;
(iv) Name and telephone number for the processor or re-refiner point of contact;
(v) Type of used oil activity (i.e., process only, process and re-refine);
(vi) Location of the processor or re-refiner facility.
[57 FR 41612, Sept. 10, 1992, as amended at 58 FR 33342, June 17, 1993]

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