40 CFR § 281.36 - Out-of-service UST systems and closure.

§ 281.36 Out-of-service UST systems and closure.

In order to be considered no less stringent than the corresponding federal requirements for temporarily closed UST systems and permanent closure, the state must have requirements that ensure UST systems conform with the following:

(a) Removal from service. All new and existing UST systems temporarily closed must:

(1) Continue to comply with general operating requirements, release reporting and investigation, and release response and corrective action;

(2) Continue to comply with release detection requirements if regulated substances are stored in the tank;

(3) Be closed off to outside access; and

(4) Be permanently closed if the UST system has not been protected from corrosion and has not been used in one year, unless the state approves an extension after the owner and operator conducts a site assessment.

(b) Permanent closure of UST systems. All tanks and piping must be cleaned and permanently closed in a manner that eliminates the potential for safety hazards and any future releases. The owner or operator must notify the state of permanent UST system closures. The site must also be assessed to determine if there are any present or were past releases, and if so, release response and corrective action requirements must be complied with.

(c) All UST systems taken out of service before the effective date of the federal regulations must permanently close in accordance with paragraph (b) of this section when directed by the implementing agency.

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