40 CFR § 35.2021 - Reallotment of reserves.

§ 35.2021 Reallotment of reserves.

(a) Mandatory portions of reserves under § 35.2020(b) through (g) shall be reallotted if not obligated during the allotment period (§ 35.2010(b) and (d)). Such reallotted sums are not subject to reserves. The State management assistance reserve under § 35.2020(a) is not subject to reallotment.

(b) States may request the Regional Administrator to release funds in optional reserves or optional portions of required reserves under § 35.2020(b) through (e) for funding projects at any time before the reallotment date. If these optional reserves are not obligated or released and obligated for other purposes before the reallotment date, they shall be subject to reallotment under § 35.2010(b).

(c) Sums deobligated from the mandatory portion of reserves under paragraphs (b) through (e) of § 35.2020 which are reissued by the Comptroller to the Regional Administrator before the initial reallotment date for those funds shall be returned to the same reserve. (See § 35.2010(c)).

[49 FR 6234, Feb. 17, 1984, as amended at 50 FR 45895, Nov. 4, 1985; 55 FR 27095, June 29, 1990]

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