40 CFR § 35.3150 - Intended Use Plan (IUP).

§ 35.3150 Intended Use Plan (IUP).

(a) Purpose. The State must prepare a plan identifying the intended uses of the funds in the SRF and describing how those uses support the goals of the SRF. This Intended Use Plan (IUP) must be prepared annually and must be subjected to public comment and review before being submitted to EPA. EPA must receive the IUP prior to the award of the capitalization grant.

(b) Contents -

(1) List of projects.

(i) The IUP must contain a list of publicly owned treatment works projects on the State's project priority list developed pursuant to section 216 of the Act, to be constructed with SRF assistance. This list must include: the name of the community; permit number or other applicable enforceable requirement, if available; the type of financial assistance; and the projected amount of eligible assistance.

(ii) The IUP must also contain a list of the nonpoint source and national estuary protection activities under sections 319 and 320 of the Act that the State expects to fund from its SRF.

(iii) The IUP must provide information in a format and manner that is consistent with the needs of the Regional Offices.

(2) Short and long term goals. The IUP must describe the long and short term goals and objectives of the State's water pollution control revolving fund.

(3) Information on the SRF activities to be supported. The IUP must include information on the types of activities including eligible categories of costs to receive assistance, types of assistance to be provided, and SRF policies on setting the terms for the various types of assistance provided by the fund.

(4) Assurances and specific proposals. The IUP must provide assurances and specific proposals on the manner by which the State intends to meet the requirements of the following sections of this part: §§ 35.3135(c); 35.3135(d); 35.3135(e); 35.3135(f); and 35.3140.

(5) Criteria and method for distribution of funds.

(i) The IUP must describe the criteria and method established for the distribution of the SRF funds and the distribution of the funds available to the SRF among the various types of assistance the State will offer.

(ii) The IUP must describe the criteria and method the State will use to select section 212 treatment work project priority list and projects or programs to be funded as eligible activities for nonpoint sources and estuary protection management programs.

(c) Amending the IUP. The IUP project list may be changed during the year under provisions established in the IUP as long as the projects have been previously identified through the public participation process.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 2040-0118)