40 CFR § 419.11 - Specialized definitions.

§ 419.11 Specialized definitions.

For the purpose of this subpart:

(a) Except as provided below, the general definitions, abbreviations, and methods of analysis set forth in part 401 of this chapter shall apply to this subpart.

(b) The term runoff shall mean the flow of storm water resulting from precipitation coming into contact with petroleum refinery property.

(c) The term ballast shall mean the flow of waters, from a ship, that is treated along with refinery wastewaters in the main treatment system.

(d) The term feedstock shall mean the crude oil and natural gas liquids fed to the topping units.

(e) The term once-through cooling water shall mean those waters discharged that are used for the purpose of heat removal and that do not come into direct contact with any raw material, intermediate, or finished product.

(f) The following abbreviations shall be used: (1) Mgal means one thousand gallons; (2) Mbbl means one thousand barrels (one barrel is equivalent to 42 gallons).

(g) The term contaminated runoff shall mean runoff which comes into contact with any raw material, intermediate product, finished product, by-product or waste product located on petroleum refinery property.

[47 FR 46446, Oct. 18, 1982, as amended at 50 FR 28522, July 12, 1985]