40 CFR § 52.1824 - Review of new sources and modifications.

§ 52.1824 Review of new sources and modifications.

(a)-(b) [Reserved]

(c) The State of North Dakota has clarified the language contained in the North Dakota Administrative Code on the use of the EPA “Guideline on Air Quality Models” as supplemented by the “North Dakota Guideline for Air Quality Modeling Analysis”.In a letter to Douglas M. Skie, EPA, dated February 14, 1992, Dana K. Mount, Director of the Division of Environmental Engineering, stated:

To clarify this issue, the State of North Dakota will commit to meeting all requirements of the EPA Guideline for air quality modeling demonstrations associated with the permitting of new PSD sources, PSD major modifications, and sources which will be located in nonattainment areas. If any conflict exists, the EPA Guideline will take precedence for these source categories.

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