40 CFR § 52.2021 - Classification of regions.

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§ 52.2021 Classification of regions.

The Pennsylvania plan was evaluated on the basis of the following classifications:

Air quality control region Pollutant
Particulate matter Sulfur oxides Nitrogen dioxide Carbon monoxide Ozone (hydrocarbons)
Metropolitan Philadelphia Interstate I I III I I
Northeast Pennsylvania-Upper Delaware Valley Interstate I II III III III
South Central Pennsylvania Intrastate I II III III III
Central Pennsylvania Intrastate I III III III III
Southwest Pennsylvania Intrastate I I III I I
Northwest Pennsylvania-Youngstown Interstate I II III III III
[37 FR 10889, May 31, 1972, as amended at 39 FR 16347, May 8, 1974; 45 FR 33627, May 20, 1980]