40 CFR § 52.373 - Approval status.

§ 52.373 Approval status.

(a) The Administrator approves the general procedures of the state's sulfur control regulations (19-508-19) and accompanying narrative submitted on October 23, 1981, and November 4, 1981 and identified under § 52.370(c)(18), provided that any individual source approvals granted by the state under the Air Pollution Control/Energy Trade Option and solid fuel burning permitting system are submitted to EPA as SIP revisions.

(b) The Administrator approves the total suspended particulate regulation for foundry sand processes as submitted and identified under paragraph (c)(22) of this section. This includes only the requirement to remove ninety percent of the particulate matter and not the requirement to emit not more than 0.75 pounds of particulate per ton of material cast, a provision which may be found in state regulation 19-508-18(f)(3).

[61 FR 38576, July 25, 1996]