40 CFR § 52.530 - Significant deterioration of air quality.

§ 52.530 Significant deterioration of air quality.

(a) EPA approves the Florida Prevention of Significant Deterioration program, as incorporated into this chapter, for power plants subject to the Florida Power Plant Siting Act.

(b) Pursuant to part C, subpart 1 of the Clean Air Act, EPA is approving a December 19, 2013 SIP revision submitted by the State of Florida, through the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP), Division of Air Resource Management that establishes prevention of significant deterioration (PSD) applicability thresholds for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at the same emissions thresholds and in the same timeframes as those specified by EPA in the GHG Tailoring Rule. This approval gives FDEP the authority to regulate GHG-emitting sources and issue GHG PSD permits. FDEP's December 19, 2013 SIP revision also includes a GHG PSD Permit Transition Plan which governs the transition from EPA administering GHG PSD permitting requirements for Florida sources under a Federal Implementation Plan (FIP) to the State administering GHG PSD permitting requirements under its approved SIP. Under this GHG PSD Permit Transition Plan, FDEP will administer and enforce GHG PSD permits issued by EPA to Florida sources under the GHG PSD FIP. FDEP's authority over these existing EPA-issued GHG PSD permits includes the authority for FDEP to conduct general administration of these existing permits, authority to process and issue any and all subsequent permit actions relating to such permits, and authority to enforce such permits.

(c) All applications and other information required pursuant to § 52.21 of this part from sources located in the State of Florida shall be submitted to the State agency, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Air Resources Management, 2600 Blair Stone Road, MS 5500, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2400, rather than to EPA's Region 4 office.

(d) The requirements of sections 160 through 165 of the Clean Air Act are not met since the Florida plan, as submitted, does not apply to certain sources. Therefore, the provisions of § 52.21 except paragraph (a)(1) are hereby incorporated by reference and made a part of the Florida plan for:

(1) Sources proposing to locate on Indian reservations in Florida; and

(2) Permits issued by EPA prior to approval of the Florida PSD rule.

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