40 CFR § 52.742 - Incorporation by reference.

§ 52.742 Incorporation by reference.

The materials listed below are incorporated by reference in the corresponding sections noted. The incorporation by reference was approved by the Director of the Office of Federal Register in accordance with 5 U.S.C. 552(a) and 1 CFR part 51. These materials are incorporated as they exist on the date of approval, and a notice of any change in these materials will be published in the Federal Register. The materials are available from the sources listed below.

(a) The following material is available for purchase from the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), 1916 Race Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103.

(1) ASTM D1475-85, Standard Test Method for Density of Paint, Varnish, Lacquer, and Related Products, for § 52.741(a)(4)(i)(B)(3)(i).

(2) ASTM D2369-87, Standard Test Method for Volatile Content of Coatings, for § 52.741(a)(4)(i)(B)(3)(ii).

(3) ASTM D3792-86, Standard Test Method for Water Content of Water-Reducible Paints by Direct Injection into a Gas Chromatograph, for § 52.741(a)(4)(i)(B)(3)(iii).

(4) ASTM D4017-81(Reapproved 1987), Standard Test Method for Water in Paints and Paint Materials by Karl Fischer Method, for § 52.741(a)(4)(i)(B)(3)(iv).

(5) ASTM D4457-85, Standard Test Method for Determination of Dichloromethane and 1,1,1-Trichloroethane in Paints and Coatings by Direct Injection into a Gas Chromatograph, for § 52.741(a)(4)(i)(B)(3)(v).

(6) ASTM D2697-86, Standard Test Method for Volume Nonvolatile Matter in Clear or Pigmented Coatings, for § 52.741(a)(4)(i)(B)(3)(vi).

(7) ASTM D3980-87, Standard Practice for Interlaboratory Testing of Paint and Related Materials, for § 52.741(a)(4)(i)(B)(3)(vi).

(8) ASTM E180-85, Standard Practice for Determining the Precision of ASTM Methods for Analysis and Testing of Industrial Chemicals, for § 52.741(a)(4)(i)(B)(3)(viii).

(9) ASTM D2372-85, Standard Method of Separation of Vehicle from Solvent-Reducible Paints, for § 52.741(a)(4)(i)(B)(3)(ix).

(10) ASTM D2879-86, Standard Test Method for Vapor Pressure-Temperature Relationship and Initial Decomposition Temperature of Liquids by Isoteniscope, for § 52.741(a)(3), (a)(8)(ii), (a)(9)(iii), and (a)(10)(iii).

(11) ASTM D323-82, Standard Test Method for Vapor Pressure of Petroleum Products (Reid Method), for § 52.741(a)(3).

(12) ASTM D86-82, Standard Method for Distillation of Petroleum Products, for § 52.741(a)(3).

(13) ASTM D3925-81(Reapproved 1985), Standard Practice for Sampling Liquid Paints and Related Pigment Coatings, for § 52.741(a)(4)(i)(A)(1).

(14) ASTM E300-86, Standard Practice for Sampling Industrial Chemicals, for § 52.741(a)(4)(i)(A)(2).

(b) The Evaporation Loss From External Floating-Roof Tanks, Publication 2517, second edition, February 1980, for § 52.741(a)(3) is available for purchase from the American Petroleum Institute, 2101 L Street, NW., Washington, DC 20037.

(c) The Standard Industrial Classification Manual, 1987, for § 52.741(a)(3) is available for purchase from the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402.

(d) 35 Illinois Administrative Code 215, June 1989, subparts (B), (E) (sections 215.182, 215.183, and 215.184), (K) (sections 215.301 and 215.302), (Q) (excluding sections 215.432 and 215.436), (R) (excluding sections 215.447, 215.450, and 215.452), (S), (V), (X), (Y) (sections 215.582, 215.583, and 215.584), and (Z) of 35 Ill. Adm. Code 215 for § 52.741 (d)(l)-(d)(3); (e)(3), (e)(4); (h)(2); (i)(1), (i)(2); (j)(1)-(j)(3); (q)(1); (s)(1); (u)(1), (3); (v)(1); (w)(1); and (x)(1), (x)(3) is available from the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Air and Radiation Division, Region V, 230 S. Dearborn, Chicago, IL, 60604.

[55 FR 26909, June 29, 1990]

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