40 CFR § 56.6 - Dissemination of policy and guidance.

§ 56.6 Dissemination of policy and guidance.

The Assistant Administrators of the Offices of Air, Noise and Radiation, and of Enforcement, and the General Counsel shall establish as expeditiously as practicable, but no later than one year after promulgation of this part, systems to disseminate policy and guidance. They shall distribute material under foregoing systems to the Regional Offices and State and local agencies, and shall make the material available to the public. Air programs policy and guideline systems shall contain the following:

(a) Compilations of relevant EPA program directives and guidance, except for rules and regulations, concerning the requirements under the Act.

(b) Procedures whereby each Headquarters program office and staff office will enter new and revised guidance into the compilations and cause superseded guidance to be removed.

(c) Additional guidance aids such as videotape presentations, workshops, manuals, or combinations of these where the responsible Headquarters official determines they are necessary to inform Regional Offices, State and local agencies, or the public about EPA actions.