40 CFR § 59.603 - How must manufacturers apply good engineering judgment?

§ 59.603 How must manufacturers apply good engineering judgment?

(a) In addition to other requirements and prohibitions set forth in this subpart, you must use good engineering judgment for decisions related to any requirements under this subpart. This includes your applications for certification, any testing you do to show that your portable fuel containers comply with requirements that apply to them, and how you select, categorize, determine, and apply these requirements.

(b) Upon request, you must provide EPA a written description of the engineering judgment in question. Such information must be provided within 15 working days unless EPA specifies a different period of time to respond.

(c) We may reject your decision if it is not based on good engineering judgment or is otherwise inconsistent with the requirements that apply, and we may -

(1) Suspend, revoke, or void a certificate of conformity if we determine you used incorrect or incomplete information or failed to consider relevant information, or that your decision was not based on good engineering judgment; or

(2) Notify you that we believe any aspect of your application or other information submission may be incorrect or invalid due to lack of good engineering judgment or other cause. Unless a different period is specified, you will have 30 days to respond to our notice and specifically address our concerns. After considering your information, we will notify you regarding our finding, which may include the actions provided in paragraph (c)(1) of this section.

(d) If you disagree with our conclusions under paragraph (c) of this section, you may file a request for a hearing with the Designated Compliance Officer as described in § 59.699. In your request, you must specifically state your objections, and include relevant data or supporting analysis. The request must be signed by your authorized representative. If we agree that your request raises a substantial factual issue, we will hold the hearing according to § 59.699.