40 CFR § 60.482-9 - Standards: Delay of repair.

§ 60.482-9 Standards: Delay of repair.

(a) Delay of repair of equipment for which leaks have been detected will be allowed if repair within 15 days is technically infeasible without a process unit shutdown. Repair of this equipment shall occur before the end of the next process unit shutdown. Monitoring to verify repair must occur within 15 days after startup of the process unit.

(b) Delay of repair of equipment will be allowed for equipment which is isolated from the process and which does not remain in VOC service.

(c) Delay of repair for valves will be allowed if:

(1) The owner or operator demonstrates that emissions of purged material resulting from immediate repair are greater than the fugitive emissions likely to result from delay of repair, and

(2) When repair procedures are effected, the purged material is collected and destroyed or recovered in a control device complying with § 60.482-10.

(d) Delay of repair for pumps will be allowed if:

(1) Repair requires the use of a dual mechanical seal system that includes a barrier fluid system, and

(2) Repair is completed as soon as practicable, but not later than 6 months after the leak was detected.

(e) Delay of repair beyond a process unit shutdown will be allowed for a valve, if valve assembly replacement is necessary during the process unit shutdown, valve assembly supplies have been depleted, and valve assembly supplies had been sufficiently stocked before the supplies were depleted. Delay of repair beyond the next process unit shutdown will not be allowed unless the next process unit shutdown occurs sooner than 6 months after the first process unit shutdown.

(f) When delay of repair is allowed for a leaking pump or valve that remains in service, the pump or valve may be considered to be repaired and no longer subject to delay of repair requirements if two consecutive monthly monitoring instrument readings are below the leak definition.

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