40 CFR § 61.130 - Applicability, designation of sources, and delegation of authority.

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§ 61.130 Applicability, designation of sources, and delegation of authority.

(a) The provisions of this subpart apply to each of the following sources at furnace and foundry coke by-product recovery plants: tar decanters, tar storage tanks, tar-intercepting sumps, flushing-liquor circulation tanks, light-oil sumps, light-oil condensers, light-oil decanters, wash-oil decanters, wash-oil circulation tanks, naphthalene processing, final coolers, final-cooler cooling towers, and the following equipment that are intended to operate in benzene service: pumps, valves, exhausters, pressure relief devices, sampling connection systems, open-ended valves or lines, flanges or other connectors, and control devices or systems required by § 61.135.

(b) The provisions of this subpart also apply to benzene storage tanks, BTX storage tanks, light-oil storage tanks, and excess ammonia-liquor storage tanks at furnace coke by-product recovery plants.

(c) In delegating implementation and enforcement authority to a State under section 112 of the Act, the authorities contained in paragraph (d) of this section shall be retained by the Administrator and not transferred to a State.

(d) Authorities that will not be delegated to States: § 61.136(d).

[54 FR 51699, Dec. 15, 1989, as amended at 56 FR 47406, Sept. 19, 1991]

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