40 CFR § 61.14 - Monitoring requirements.

§ 61.14 Monitoring requirements.

(a) Unless otherwise specified, this section applies to each monitoring system required under each subpart which requires monitoring.

(b) Each owner or operator shall maintain and operate each monitoring system as specified in the applicable subpart and in a manner consistent with good air pollution control practice for minimizing emissions. Any unavoidable breakdown or malfunction of the monitoring system should be repaired or adjusted as soon as practicable after its occurrence. The Administrator's determination of whether acceptable operating and maintenance procedures are being used will be based on information which may include, but not be limited to, review of operating and maintenance procedures, manufacturer recommendations and specifications, and inspection of the monitoring system.

(c) When required by the applicable subpart, and at any other time the Administrator may require, the owner or operator of a source being monitored shall conduct a performance evaluation of the monitoring system and furnish the Administrator with a copy of a written report of the results within 60 days of the evaluation. Such a performance evaluation shall be conducted according to the applicable specifications and procedures described in the applicable subpart. The owner or operator of the source shall furnish the Administrator with written notification of the date of the performance evaluation at least 30 days before the evaluation is to begin.

(d) When the effluents from a single source, or from two or more sources subject to the same emission standards, are combined before being released to the atmosphere, the owner or operator shall install a monitoring system on each effluent or on the combined effluent. If two or more sources are not subject to the same emission standards, the owner or operator shall install a separate monitoring system on each effluent, unless otherwise specified. If the applicable standard is a mass emission standard and the effluent from one source is released to the atmosphere through more than one point, the owner or operator shall install a monitoring system at each emission point unless the installation of fewer systems is approved by the Administrator.

(e) The owner or operator of each monitoring system shall reduce the monitoring data as specified in each applicable subpart. Monitoring data recorded during periods of unavoidable monitoring system breakdowns, repairs, calibration checks, and zero and span adjustments shall not be included in any data average.

(f) The owner or operator shall maintain records of monitoring data, monitoring system calibration checks, and the occurrence and duration of any period during which the monitoring system is malfunctioning or inoperative. These records shall be maintained at the source for a minimum of 2 years and made available, upon request, for inspection by the Administrator.


(1) Monitoring shall be conducted as set forth in this section and the applicable subpart unless the Administrator—

(i) Specifies or approves the use of the specified monitoring requirements and procedures with minor changes in methodology; or

(ii) Approves the use of alternatives to any monitoring requirements or procedures.

(2) If the Administrator finds reasonable grounds to dispute the results obtained by an alternative monitoring method, the Administrator may require the monitoring requirements and procedures specified in this part.

[50 FR 46293, Nov. 7, 1985]