40 CFR § 61.143 - Standard for roadways.

§ 61.143 Standard for roadways.

No person may construct or maintain a roadway with asbestos tailings or asbestos-containing waste material on that roadway, unless, for asbestos tailings.

(a) It is a temporary roadway on an area of asbestos ore deposits (asbestos mine): or

(b) It is a temporary roadway at an active asbestos mill site and is encapsulated with a resinous or bituminous binder. The encapsulated road surface must be maintained at a minimum frequency of once per year to prevent dust emissions; or

(c) It is encapsulated in asphalt concrete meeting the specifications contained in section 401 of Standard Specifications for Construction of Roads and Bridges on Federal Highway Projects, FP-85, 1985, or their equivalent.

[55 FR 48419, Nov. 20, 1990; 56 FR 1669, Jan. 16, 1991]

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