40 CFR § 62.15245 - What test methods must I use to stack test?

§ 62.15245 What test methods must I use to stack test?

(a) Follow table 8 of this subpart to establish the sampling location and to determine pollutant concentrations, number of traverse points, individual test methods, and other specific testing requirements for the different pollutants.

(b) Make sure that stack tests for all these pollutants consist of at least three test runs, as specified in § 60.8 (Performance Tests) of subpart A of 40 CFR part 60. Use the average of the pollutant emission concentrations from the three test runs to determine compliance with the applicable emission limits in tables 2 and 4 of this subpart.

(c) Obtain an oxygen (or carbon dioxide) measurement at the same time as your pollutant measurements to determine diluent gas levels, as specified in § 62.15175.

(d) Use the equations in § 62.15390(a) to calculate emission levels at 7 percent oxygen (or an equivalent carbon dioxide basis), the percent reduction in potential hydrogen chloride emissions, and the reduction efficiency for mercury emissions. See the individual test methods in table 6 of this subpart for other required equations.

(e) You can apply to the Administrator for approval under § 60.8(b) of subpart A of 40 CFR part 60 to

(1) Use a reference method with minor changes in methodology;

(2) Use an equivalent method;

(3) Use an alternative method the results of which the Administrator has determined are adequate for demonstrating compliance;

(4) Waive the requirement for a performance test because you have demonstrated by other means that you are in compliance; or

(5) Use a shorter sampling time or smaller sampling volume.