40 CFR § 62.2351 - Identification of sources.

The plan applies to existing facilities at the following sulfuric acid plants:

(a) Acid plants operated by:

(1) Occidental Petroleum Company in Hamilton County,

(2) AMAX Phosphate Inc. in Manatee County,

(3) Conserv Chemical in Nichols,

(4) Farmland Industry in Bartow County,

(5) W. R. Grace Company in Polk County,

(6) Royster Fertilizer in Polk County,

(7) USS Agrichemicals in Polk County,

(8) Central Farmers Co-Op in Polk County,

(9) Agrico Chemical Company in Polk County,

(10) Gardinier, Inc. in Hillsborough County, and

(11) ESTECH in Polk County.

(b) There are no oleum plants.

(c) There are no sulfur-burning plants.

(d) There are no bound sulfur feedstock plants.