40 CFR § 62.4350 - Identification of plan.

§ 62.4350 Identification of plan.

(a) Identification of plan. Kentucky Designated Facility Plan (Section 111(d) Plan).

(b) The plan was officially submitted as follows:

(1) Control of sulfuric acid mist emissions from existing facilities at sulfuric acid plants, total reduced sulfur emissions from existing facilities at kraft pulp mills, fluoride emissions from existing facilities at primary aluminum reduction plants, officially submitted on December 15, 1981.

(2) Commonwealth of Kentucky's Section 111(d) Plan For Existing Municipal Solid Waste Landfills, submitted on December 3, 1998, by the Kentucky Division for Air Quality.

(c) Designated facilities. The plan applies to existing facilities in the following categories of sources:

(1) Sulfuric acid plants.

(2) Kraft pulp mills.

(3) Primary aluminum reduction plants.

(4) Existing municipal solid waste landfills.

[47 FR 22956, May 26, 1982, as amended at 64 FR 19293, Apr. 20, 1999]