40 CFR § 63.1660 - Recordkeeping requirements.

(a) General recordkeeping requirements.

(1) The owner or operator of a ferromanganese and silicomanganese production facility must comply with all of the recordkeeping requirements under § 63.10.

(2) As required by § 63.10(b)(2), the owner or operator must maintain records for 5 years from the date of each record of:

(i) Records of the occurrence and duration of each malfunction of operation (i.e., process equipment) or the air pollution control equipment and monitoring equipment;

(ii) Records of actions taken during periods of malfunction to minimize emissions in accordance with § 63.1652(f), including corrective actions to restore malfunctioning process and air pollution control and monitoring equipment to its normal or usual manner of operation;

(iii) All maintenance performed on the air pollution control equipment;

(iv)-(v) [Reserved]

(vi) All required measurements needed to demonstrate compliance with the standard and to support data that the source is required to report, including, but not limited to, performance test measurements (including initial and any subsequent performance tests) and measurements as may be necessary to determine the conditions of the initial test or subsequent tests;

(vii) All results of initial or subsequent performance tests;

(viii) If the owner or operator has been granted a waiver from recordkeeping or reporting requirements under § 63.10(f), any information demonstrating whether a source is meeting the requirements for a waiver of recordkeeping or reporting requirements;

(ix) If the owner or operator has been granted a waiver from the initial performance test under § 63.7(h), a copy of the full request and the Administrator's approval or disapproval;

(x) All documentation supporting initial notifications and notifications of compliance status required by § 63.9; and

(xi) As required by § 63.10(b)(3), records of any applicability determination, including supporting analyses.

(b) Specific recordkeeping requirements.

(1) In addition to the general records required by paragraph (a) of this section, the owner or operator must maintain records for 5 years from the date of each record of:

(i) Records of pressure drop across the venturi if a venturi scrubber is used.

(ii) Records of manufacturer certification that monitoring devices are accurate to within 5 percent (unless otherwise specified in this subpart) and of calibrations performed at the manufacturer's recommended frequency, or at a frequency consistent with good engineering practice, or as experience dictates.

(iii) Records of bag leak detection system output.

(iv) An identification of the date and time of all bag leak detection system alarms, the time that procedures to determine the cause of the alarm were initiated, the cause of the alarm, an explanation of the actions taken, and the date and time the alarm was corrected.

(v) Copy of the written maintenance plan for each air pollution control device.

(vi) Copy of the fugitive dust control plan.

(vii) Records of each maintenance inspection and repair, replacement, or other corrective action.

(2) All records for the most recent 2 years of operation must be maintained on site. Records for the previous 3 years may be maintained off site.

[64 FR 27458, May 20, 1999, as amended at 80 FR 37400, June 30, 2015]