40 CFR § 63.75 - Enforceable commitments.

§ 63.75 Enforceable commitments.

(a) To make an enforceable commitment an owner or operator shall submit a commitment to achieve the early reductions required under § 63.72(a)(1) to the appropriate EPA Regional Office and a copy of the commitment to the appropriate State, except that the commitment shall be submitted to the State and a copy to the EPA Regional Office if the State has an approved permitting program under Title V of the Act. A copy shall also be submitted to both the EPA Stationary Source Compliance Division (EN-341W), 1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW., Washington, DC 20460 and the EPA Emission Standards Division (MD-13), Research Triangle Park, NC 27711; attention both to the Early Reductions Officer. The commitment shall contain:

(1) The name and address of the source;

(2) The name and telephone number of the source owner or operator or other responsible official who can be contacted concerning the commitment;

(3) An alternative mailing address if correspondence is to be directed to a location other than that given in paragraph (a)(1) of this section;

(4) All information specified in § 63.74(b), (c) and (e)(1)(i), which defines and describes the source and establishes the base year hazardous air pollutant emissions from the source;

(5) The general plan for achieving the required hazardous air pollutant emissions reductions at the source including descriptions of emission control equipment to be employed, process changes or modifications to be made, and any other emission reduction measures to be used; and

(6) A statement of commitment, signed by a responsible official of the source, containing the following:

(i) A statement providing the post-reduction emission levels for total hazardous air pollutants and high-risk pollutants, as applicable, from the source on an annual basis which reflect a 90 percent (95 percent for particulate pollutants) reduction from base year emissions;

(ii) A statement certifying that the base year emission data submitted as part of the enforceable commitment constitute the best available data for base year emissions from the source, are correct to the best of the responsible official's knowledge, and are within allowable levels specified in any applicable law, regulation, or permit;

(iii) A statement that it is understood by the source owner or operator that submission of base year emissions constitutes a response to an EPA request under the authority of section 114 of the Act and that the commitment is subject to enforcement according to § 63.80; and

(iv) A statement committing the source owner or operator to achieving the emission levels, listed in paragraph (a)(6), (i) of this section, at the source before January 1, 1994.

(b) The following language may be used to satisfy the requirements of paragraphs (a)(6)(ii) through (a)(6)(iv) of this section:

I certify to the best of my knowledge that the base year emissions given above are correct and constitute the best available data for base year emissions from the source, and acknowledge that these estimates are being submitted in response to an EPA request under section 114 of the Act. I further certify that the base year emissions provided for all emission points in the source do not exceed allowable emission levels specified in any applicable law, regulation, or permit condition. I commit to achieve before January 1, 1994, the stated post-reduction emission level(s) at the source, which will provide the 90 (95) percent reduction required to qualify for the compliance extension, and acknowledge that this commitment is enforceable as specified in title 40, part 63, subpart D, of the Code of Federal Regulations.

(c) A commitment for a source shall be submitted prior to proposal of an applicable standard issued under section 112(d) of the Act. Commitments received after the proposal date shall be void.

(d) If test results for one or more emission points in a source are required to support base year emissions in an enforceable commitment but are not available prior to proposal of an applicable standard issued under section 112(d) of the Act, the test results may be submitted after the enforceable commitment is made but no later than 180 days after proposal of an applicable standard. In such cases, the enforceable commitment shall contain the best substitute emission data for the points in the source for which test results will be submitted later.

(e) An owner or operator may rescind such a commitment prior to December 1, 1993 without penalty and forfeit the opportunity to obtain a six year compliance extension under this subpart.

(f) An enforceable commitment submitted under this section shall not be in effect and enforceable until the base year emissions contained in the commitment have been approved according to the procedures in § 63.76. An owner or operator is under no obligation to continue to seek approval of commitments that have not been approved by December 1, 1993.

(g) The control measure information required under § 63.74(d)(1) as part of post-reduction emission documentation and submitted in a permit application according to the provisions of § 63.77 shall become part of an existing enforceable commitment upon receipt of the permit application by the permitting authority. An owner or operator shall notify the permitting authority of any change made to the source during calendar year 1994 which affects such control measure information and shall mail the notice within 5 days (postmark date) of making the change. The notice shall be considered an amendment to the source's enforceable commitment.

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