40 CFR § 63.78 - Early reduction demonstration evaluation.

§ 63.78 Early reduction demonstration evaluation.

(a) The permitting authority will evaluate an early reduction demonstration submitted by the source owner or operator in a permit application with respect to the requirements of § 63.74.

(b) An application for a compliance extension may be denied if, in the judgement of the permitting authority, the owner or operator has failed to demonstrate that the requirements of § 63.74 have been met. Specific reasons for denial include, but are not limited to:

(1) The information supplied by the owner or operator is incomplete;

(2) The required 90 percent reduction (95 percent in cases where the hazardous air pollutant is particulate matter) has not been demonstrated;

(3) The base year or post-reduction emissions are incorrect, based on methods or assumptions that are not valid, or not sufficiently reliable or well documented to determine with reasonable certainty that required reductions have been achieved; or

(4) The emission of hazardous air pollutants or the performance of emission control measures is unreliable so as to preclude determination that the required reductions have been achieved or will continue to be achieved during the extension period.