40 CFR § 63.995 - Other control devices.

(a) Other control device equipment and operating requirements.

(1) Owners or operators using a control device other than one listed in §§ 63.985 through 63.990 to meet a weight-percent emission reduction or parts per million by volume outlet concentration requirement specified in a referencing subpart shall meet the requirements of this section.

(2) Other control devices used to comply with the provisions of a referencing subpart and this subpart shall be operated at all times when emissions are vented to them.

(b) Other control device performance test requirements. An owner or operator using a control device other than those specified in §§ 63.987 through 63.990 to comply with a performance level specified in a referencing subpart, shall perform an initial performance test according to the procedures in § 63.997. Performance test records shall be kept as specified in § 63.998(a)(2) and a performance test report shall be submitted as specified in § 63.999(a)(2).

(c) Other control device monitoring requirements. If an owner or operator uses a control device other than those listed in this subpart, the owner or operator shall submit a description of planned monitoring, recordkeeping and reporting procedures as specified in a referencing subpart. The Administrator will approve, deny, or modify based on the reasonableness of the proposed monitoring, reporting and recordkeeping requirements as part of the review of the submission or permit application or by other appropriate means.