40 CFR § 7.110 - Preaward compliance.

§ 7.110 Preaward compliance.

(a) Review of compliance information. Within EPA's application processing period, the OCR will determine whether the applicant is in compliance with this part and inform the Award Official. This determination will be based on the submissions required by § 7.80 and any other information EPA receives during this time (including complaints) or has on file about the applicant. When the OCR cannot make a determination on the basis of this information, additional information will be requested from the applicant, local government officials, or interested persons or organizations, including aged and handicapped persons or organizations representing such persons. The OCR may also conduct an on-site review only when it has reason to believe discrimination may be occurring in a program or activity which is the subject of the application.

(b) Voluntary compliance. If the review indicates noncompliance, an applicant may agree in writing to take the steps the OCR recommends to come into compliance with this part. The OCR must approve the written agreement before any award is made.

(c) Refusal to comply. If the applicant refuses to enter into such an agreement, the OCR shall follow the procedure established by paragraph (b) of § 7.130.

[49 FR 1659, Jan. 12, 1984, as amended at 75 FR 31707, June 4, 2010]