40 CFR § 711.6 - Chemical substances for which information is not required.

§ 711.6 Chemical substances for which information is not required.

The following groups or categories of chemical substances are exempted from some or all of the reporting requirements of this part, with the following exception: A chemical substance described in paragraph (a)(1), (2), or (4), or (b) of this section is not exempted from any of the reporting requirements of this part if that chemical substance is the subject of a rule proposed or promulgated under TSCA sections 4, 5(a)(2), 5(b)(4), or 6, or is the subject of an enforceable consent agreement (ECA) developed under the procedures of 40 CFR part 790, or is the subject of an order issued under TSCA sections 4, 5(e), or 5(f), or is the subject of relief that has been granted under a civil action under TSCA sections 5 or 7.

(a) Full exemptions. The following categories of chemical substances are exempted from the reporting requirements of this part.

(1) Polymers.

(i) Any chemical substance described with the word fragments “*polym,” “*alkyd,” or “*oxylated” in the Chemical Abstracts (CA) Index Name in the Master Inventory File, where the asterisk (*) in the listed word fragments indicates that any sets of characters may precede, or follow, the character string defined.

(ii) Any chemical substance that is identified in the Master Inventory File as an enzyme, lignin, a polysaccharide (cellulose, gum, starch), a protein (albumin, casein, gelatin, gluten, hemoglobin), rubber, siloxane and silicone, or silsesquioxane.

(iii) This exclusion does not apply to a polymeric substance that has been depolymerized, hydrolyzed, or otherwise chemically modified, except in cases where the intended product of this reaction is totally polymeric in structure.

(2) Microorganisms. Any combination of chemical substances that is a living organism, and that meets the definition of microorganism at 40 CFR 725.3. Any chemical substance produced from a living microorganism is reportable under this part unless otherwise excluded.

(3) Naturally occurring chemical substances. Any naturally occurring chemical substance, as described in 40 CFR 710.4(b). The applicability of this exclusion is determined in each case by the specific activities of the person who manufactures the chemical substance in question. Some chemical substances can be manufactured both as described in 40 CFR 710.4(b) and by means other than those described in 40 CFR 710.4(b). If a person described in § 711.8 manufactures a chemical substance by means other than those described in 40 CFR 710.4(b), the person must report regardless of whether the chemical substance also could have been produced as described in 40 CFR 710.4(b). Any chemical substance that is produced from such a naturally occurring chemical substance described in 40 CFR 710.4(b) is reportable unless otherwise excluded.

(4) Water and certain forms of natural gas. Chemical substances with the following Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number (CASRN): CASRN 7732-18-5, water; CASRN 8006-14-2, natural gas; CASRN 8006-61-9, gasoline, natural; CASRN 64741-48-6, natural gas (petroleum), raw liq. mix; CASRN 68410-63-9, natural gas, dried; CASRN 68425-31-0, gasoline (natural gas), natural; and CASRN 68919-39-1, natural gas condensates.

(b) Partial exemptions. The following groups of chemical substances are partially exempted from the reporting requirements of this part (i.e., the information described in § 711.15(b)(4) need not be reported for these chemical substances). Such chemical substances are not excluded from the other reporting requirements under this part.

(1) Petroleum process streams. EPA has designated the chemical substances listed in Table 1 of this paragraph by CASRN, as partially exempt from reporting under the CDR.

Table 1 - CASRNs of Partially Exempt Chemical Substances Termed “Petroleum Process Streams” for Purposes of TSCA Chemical Data Reporting

CASRN Product
8002-05-9 Petroleum.
8002-74-2 Paraffin waxes and hydrocarbon waxes.
8006-20-0 Fuel gases, low and medium B.T.U.
8008-20-6 Kerosine (petroleum).
8009-03-8 Petrolatum.
8012-95-1 Paraffin oils.
8030-30-6 Naphtha.
8032-32-4 Ligroine.
8042-47-5 White mineral oil (petroleum).
8052-41-3 Stoddard solvent.
8052-42-4 Asphalt.
61789-60-4 Pitch.
63231-60-7 Paraffin waxes and hydrocarbon waxes, microcryst.
64741-41-9 Naphtha (petroleum), heavy straight-run.
64741-42-0 Naphtha (petroleum), full-range straight-run.
64741-43-1 Gas oils (petroleum), straight-run.
64741-44-2 Distillates (petroleum), straight-run middle.
64741-45-3 Residues (petroleum), atm. tower.
64741-46-4 Naphtha (petroleum), light straight-run.
64741-47-5 Natural gas condensates (petroleum).
64741-49-7 Condensates (petroleum), vacuum tower.
64741-50-0 Distillates (petroleum), light paraffinic.
64741-51-1 Distillates (petroleum), heavy paraffinic.
64741-52-2 Distillates (petroleum), light naphthenic.
64741-53-3 Distillates (petroleum), heavy naphthenic.
64741-54-4 Naphtha (petroleum), heavy catalytic cracked.
64741-55-5 Naphtha (petroleum), light catalytic cracked.
64741-56-6 Residues (petroleum), vacuum.
64741-57-7 Gas oils (petroleum), heavy vacuum.
64741-58-8 Gas oils (petroleum), light vacuum.
64741-59-9 Distillates (petroleum), light catalytic cracked.
64741-60-2 Distillates (petroleum), intermediate catalytic cracked.
64741-61-3 Distillates (petroleum), heavy catalytic cracked.
64741-62-4 Clarified oils (petroleum), catalytic cracked.
64741-63-5 Naphtha (petroleum), light catalytic reformed.
64741-64-6 Naphtha (petroleum), full-range alkylate.
64741-65-7 Naphtha (petroleum), heavy alkylate.
64741-66-8 Naphtha (petroleum), light alkylate.
64741-67-9 Residues (petroleum), catalytic reformer fractionator.
64741-68-0 Naphtha (petroleum), heavy catalytic reformed.
64741-69-1 Naphtha (petroleum), light hydrocracked.
64741-70-4 Naphtha (petroleum), isomerization.
64741-73-7 Distillates (petroleum), alkylate.
64741-74-8 Naphtha (petroleum), light thermal cracked.
64741-75-9 Residues (petroleum), hydrocracked.
64741-76-0 Distillates (petroleum), heavy hydrocracked.
64741-77-1 Distillates (petroleum), light hydrocracked.
64741-78-2 Naphtha (petroleum), heavy hydrocracked.
64741-79-3 Coke (petroleum).
64741-80-6 Residues (petroleum), thermal cracked.
64741-81-7 Distillates (petroleum), heavy thermal cracked.
64741-82-8 Distillates (petroleum), light thermal cracked.
64741-83-9 Naphtha (petroleum), heavy thermal cracked.
64741-84-0 Naphtha (petroleum), solvent-refined light.
64741-85-1 Raffinates (petroleum), sorption process.
64741-86-2 Distillates (petroleum), sweetened middle.
64741-87-3 Naphtha (petroleum), sweetened.
64741-88-4 Distillates (petroleum), solvent-refined heavy paraffinic.
64741-89-5 Distillates (petroleum), solvent-refined light paraffinic.
64741-90-8 Gas oils (petroleum), solvent-refined.
64741-91-9 Distillates (petroleum), solvent-refined middle.
64741-92-0 Naphtha (petroleum), solvent-refined heavy.
64741-95-3 Residual oils (petroleum), solvent deasphalted.
64741-96-4 Distillates (petroleum), solvent-refined heavy naphthenic.
64741-97-5 Distillates (petroleum), solvent-refined light naphthenic.
64741-98-6 Extracts (petroleum), heavy naphtha solvent.
64741-99-7 Extracts (petroleum), light naphtha solvent.
64742-01-4 Residual oils (petroleum), solvent-refined.
64742-03-6 Extracts (petroleum), light naphthenic distillate solvent.
64742-04-7 Extracts (petroleum), heavy paraffinic distillate solvent.
64742-05-8 Extracts (petroleum), light paraffinic distillate solvent.
64742-06-9 Extracts (petroleum), middle distillate solvent.
64742-07-0 Raffinates (petroleum), residual oil decarbonization.
64742-08-1 Raffinates (petroleum), heavy naphthenic distillate decarbonization.
64742-09-2 Raffinates (petroleum), heavy paraffinic distillate decarbonization.
64742-10-5 Extracts (petroleum), residual oil solvent.
64742-11-6 Extracts (petroleum), heavy naphthenic distillate solvent.
64742-12-7 Gas oils (petroleum), acid-treated.
64742-13-8 Distillates (petroleum), acid-treated middle.
64742-14-9 Distillates (petroleum), acid-treated light.
64742-15-0 Naphtha (petroleum), acid-treated.
64742-16-1 Petroleum resins.
64742-18-3 Distillates (petroleum), acid-treated heavy naphthenic.
64742-19-4 Distillates (petroleum), acid-treated light naphthenic.
64742-20-7 Distillates (petroleum), acid-treated heavy paraffinic.
64742-21-8 Distillates (petroleum), acid-treated light paraffinic.
64742-22-9 Naphtha (petroleum), chemically neutralized heavy.
64742-23-0 Naphtha (petroleum), chemically neutralized light.
64742-24-1 Sludges (petroleum), acid.
64742-25-2 Lubricating oils (petroleum), acid-treated spent.
64742-26-3 Hydrocarbon waxes (petroleum), acid-treated.
64742-27-4 Distillates (petroleum), chemically neutralized heavy paraffinic.
64742-28-5 Distillates (petroleum), chemically neutralized light paraffinic.
64742-29-6 Gas oils (petroleum), chemically neutralized.
64742-30-9 Distillates (petroleum), chemically neutralized middle.
64742-31-0 Distillates (petroleum), chemically neutralized light.
64742-32-1 Lubricating oils (petroleum), chemically neutralized spent.
64742-33-2 Hydrocarbon waxes (petroleum), chemically neutralized.
64742-34-3 Distillates (petroleum), chemically neutralized heavy naphthenic.
64742-35-4 Distillates (petroleum), chemically neutralized light naphthenic.
64742-36-5 Distillates (petroleum), clay-treated heavy paraffinic.
64742-37-6 Distillates (petroleum), clay-treated light paraffinic.
64742-38-7 Distillates (petroleum), clay-treated middle.
64742-39-8 Neutralizing agents (petroleum), spent sodium carbonate.
64742-40-1 Neutralizing agents (petroleum), spent sodium hydroxide.
64742-41-2 Residual oils (petroleum), clay-treated.
64742-42-3 Hydrocarbon waxes (petroleum), clay-treated microcryst.
64742-43-4 Paraffin waxes (petroleum), clay-treated.
64742-44-5 Distillates (petroleum), clay-treated heavy naphthenic.
64742-45-6 Distillates (petroleum), clay-treated light naphthenic.
64742-46-7 Distillates (petroleum), hydrotreated middle.
64742-47-8 Distillates (petroleum), hydrotreated light.
64742-48-9 Naphtha (petroleum), hydrotreated heavy.
64742-49-0 Naphtha (petroleum), hydrotreated light.
64742-50-3 Lubricating oils (petroleum), clay-treated spent.
64742-51-4 Paraffin waxes (petroleum), hydrotreated.
64742-52-5 Distillates (petroleum), hydrotreated heavy naphthenic.
64742-53-6 Distillates (petroleum), hydrotreated light naphthenic.
64742-54-7 Distillates (petroleum), hydrotreated heavy paraffinic.
64742-55-8 Distillates (petroleum), hydrotreated light paraffinic.
64742-56-9 Distillates (petroleum), solvent-dewaxed light paraffinic.
64742-57-0 Residual oils (petroleum), hydrotreated.
64742-58-1 Lubricating oils (petroleum), hydrotreated spent.
64742-59-2 Gas oils (petroleum), hydrotreated vacuum.
64742-60-5 Hydrocarbon waxes (petroleum), hydrotreated microcryst.
64742-61-6 Slack wax (petroleum).
64742-62-7 Residual oils (petroleum), solvent-dewaxed.
64742-63-8 Distillates (petroleum), solvent-dewaxed heavy naphthenic.
64742-64-9 Distillates (petroleum), solvent-dewaxed light naphthenic.
64742-65-0 Distillates (petroleum), solvent-dewaxed heavy paraffinic.
64742-67-2 Foots oil (petroleum).
64742-68-3 Naphthenic oils (petroleum), catalytic dewaxed heavy.
64742-69-4 Naphthenic oils (petroleum), catalytic dewaxed light.
64742-70-7 Paraffin oils (petroleum), catalytic dewaxed heavy.
64742-71-8 Paraffin oils (petroleum), catalytic dewaxed light.
64742-72-9 Distillates (petroleum), catalytic dewaxed middle.
64742-73-0 Naphtha (petroleum), hydrodesulfurized light.
64742-75-2 Naphthenic oils (petroleum), complex dewaxed heavy.
64742-76-3 Naphthenic oils (petroleum), complex dewaxed light.
64742-78-5 Residues (petroleum), hydrodesulfurized atmospheric tower.
64742-79-6 Gas oils (petroleum), hydrodesulfurized.
64742-80-9 Distillates (petroleum), hydrodesulfurized middle.
64742-81-0 Kerosine (petroleum), hydrodesulfurized.
64742-82-1 Naphtha (petroleum), hydrodesulfurized heavy.
64742-83-2 Naphtha (petroleum), light steam-cracked.
64742-85-4 Residues (petroleum), hydrodesulfurized vacuum.
64742-86-5 Gas oils (petroleum), hydrodesulfurized heavy vacuum.
64742-87-6 Gas oils (petroleum), hydrodesulfurized light vacuum.
64742-88-7 Solvent naphtha (petroleum), medium aliph.
64742-89-8 Solvent naphtha (petroleum), light aliph.
64742-90-1 Residues (petroleum), steam-cracked.
64742-91-2 Distillates (petroleum), steam-cracked.
64742-92-3 Petroleum resins, oxidized.
64742-93-4 Asphalt, oxidized.
64742-94-5 Solvent naphtha (petroleum), heavy arom.
64742-95-6 Solvent naphtha (petroleum), light arom.
64742-96-7 Solvent naphtha (petroleum), heavy aliph.
64742-97-8 Distillates (petroleum), oxidized heavy.
64742-98-9 Distillates (petroleum), oxidized light.
64742-99-0 Residual oils (petroleum), oxidized.
64743-00-6 Hydrocarbon waxes (petroleum), oxidized.
64743-01-7 Petrolatum (petroleum), oxidized.
64743-02-8 Alkenes, C>10 .alpha.-.
64743-03-9 Phenols (petroleum).
64743-04-0 Coke (petroleum), recovery.
64743-05-1 Coke (petroleum), calcined.
64743-06-2 Extracts (petroleum), gas oil solvent.
64743-07-3 Sludges (petroleum), chemically neutralized.
64754-89-8 Naphthenic acids (petroleum), crude.
64771-71-7 Paraffins (petroleum), normal C>10.
64771-72-8 Paraffins (petroleum), normal C5-20.
67254-74-4 Naphthenic oils.
67674-12-8 Residual oils (petroleum), oxidized, compounds with triethanolamine.
67674-13-9 Petrolatum (petroleum), oxidized, partially deacidified.
67674-15-1 Petrolatum (petroleum), oxidized, Me ester.
67674-16-2 Hydrocarbon waxes (petroleum), oxidized, partially deacidified.
67674-17-3 Distillates (petroleum), oxidized light, compounds with triethanolamine.
67674-18-4 Distillates (petroleum), oxidized light, Bu esters.
67891-79-6 Distillates (petroleum), heavy arom.
67891-80-9 Distillates (petroleum), light arom.
67891-81-0 Distillates (petroleum), oxidized light, potassium salts.
67891-82-1 Hydrocarbon waxes (petroleum), oxidized, compounds with ethanolamine.
67891-83-2 Hydrocarbon waxes (petroleum), oxidized, compounds with isopropanolamine.
67891-85-4 Hydrocarbon waxes (petroleum), oxidized, compounds with triisopropanolamine.
67891-86-5 Hydrocarbon waxes (petroleum), oxidized, compds. with diisopropanolamine.
68131-05-5 Hydrocarbon oils, process blends.
68131-49-7 Aromatic hydrocarbons, C6-10, acid-treated, neutralized.
68131-75-9 Gases (petroleum), C3-4.
68153-22-0 Paraffin waxes and Hydrocarbon waxes, oxidized.
68187-57-5 Pitch, coal tar-petroleum.
68187-58-6 Pitch, petroleum, arom.
68187-60-0 Hydrocarbons, C4, ethane-propane-cracked.
68307-98-2 Tail gas (petroleum), catalytic cracked distillate and catalytic cracked naphtha fractionation absorber.
68307-99-3 Tail gas (petroleum), catalytic polymn. naphtha fractionation stabilizer.
68308-00-9 Tail gas (petroleum), catalytic reformed naphtha fractionation stabilizer, hydrogen sulfide-free.
68308-01-0 Tail gas (petroleum), cracked distillate hydrotreater stripper.
68308-02-1 Tail gas (petroleum), distn., hydrogen sulfide-free.
68308-03-2 Tail gas (petroleum), gas oil catalytic cracking absorber.
68308-04-3 Tail gas (petroleum), gas recovery plant.
68308-05-4 Tail gas (petroleum), gas recovery plant deethanizer.
68308-06-5 Tail gas (petroleum), hydrodesulfurized distillate and hydrodesulfurized naphtha fractionator, acid-free.
68308-07-6 Tail gas (petroleum), hydrodesulfurized vacuum gas oil stripper, hydrogen sulfide-free.
68308-08-7 Tail gas (petroleum), isomerized naphtha fractionation stabilizer.
68308-09-8 Tail gas (petroleum), light straight-run naphtha stabilizer, hydrogen sulfide-free.
68308-10-1 Tail gas (petroleum), straight-run distillate hydrodesulfurizer, hydrogen sulfide-free.
68308-11-2 Tail gas (petroleum), propane-propylene alkylation feed prep deethanizer.
68308-12-3 Tail gas (petroleum), vacuum gas oil hydrodesulfurizer, hydrogen sulfide-free.
68308-27-0 Fuel gases, refinery.
68333-22-2 Residues (petroleum), atmospheric.
68333-23-3 Naphtha (petroleum), heavy coker.
68333-24-4 Hydrocarbon waxes (petroleum), oxidized, compds. with triethanolamine.
68333-25-5 Distillates (petroleum), hydrodesulfurized light catalytic cracked.
68333-26-6 Clarified oils (petroleum), hydrodesulfurized catalytic cracked.
68333-27-7 Distillates (petroleum), hydrodesulfurized intermediate catalytic cracked.
68333-28-8 Distillates (petroleum), hydrodesulfurized heavy catalytic cracked.
68333-29-9 Residues (petroleum), light naphtha solvent extracts.
68333-30-2 Distillates (petroleum), oxidized heavy thermal cracked.
68333-81-3 Alkanes, C4-12.
68333-88-0 Aromatic hydrocarbons, C9-17.
68334-30-5 Fuels, diesel.
68409-99-4 Gases (petroleum), catalytic cracked overheads.
68410-00-4 Distillates (petroleum), crude oil.
68410-05-9 Distillates (petroleum), straight-run light.
68410-12-8 Distillates (petroleum), steam-cracked, C5-10 fraction, high-temperature stripping products with light steam-cracked petroleum naphtha C5 fraction polymers.
68410-71-9 Raffinates (petroleum), catalytic reformer ethylene glycol-water countercurrent exts.
68410-96-8 Distillates (petroleum), hydrotreated middle, intermediate boiling.
68410-97-9 Distillates (petroleum), light distillate hydrotreating process, low-boiling.
68410-98-0 Distillates (petroleum), hydrotreated heavy naphtha, deisohexanizer overheads.
68411-00-7 Alkenes, C>8.
68425-29-6 Distillates (petroleum), naphtha-raffinate pyrolyzate-derived, gasoline-blending.
68425-33-2 Petrolatum (petroleum), oxidized, barium salt.
68425-34-3 Petrolatum (petroleum), oxidized, calcium salt.
68425-35-4 Raffinates (petroleum), reformer, Lurgi unit-sepd.
68425-39-8 Alkenes, C>10 .alpha.-, oxidized.
68441-09-8 Hydrocarbon waxes (petroleum), clay-treated microcryst., contg. polyethylene, oxidized.
68459-78-9 Alkenes, C18-24 .alpha.-, dimers.
68475-57-0 Alkanes, C1-2.
68475-58-1 Alkanes, C2-3.
68475-59-2 Alkanes, C3-4.
68475-60-5 Alkanes, C4-5.
68475-61-6 Alkenes, C5, naphtha-raffinate pyrolyzate-derived.
68475-70-7 Aromatic hydrocarbons, C6-8, naphtha-raffinate pyrolyzate-derived.
68475-79-6 Distillates (petroleum), catalytic reformed depentanizer.
68475-80-9 Distillates (petroleum), light steam-cracked naphtha.
68476-26-6 Fuel gases.
68476-27-7 Fuel gases, amine system residues.
68476-28-8 Fuel gases, C6-8 catalytic reformer.
68476-29-9 Fuel gases, crude oil distillates.
68476-30-2 Fuel oil, no. 2.
68476-31-3 Fuel oil, no. 4.
68476-32-4 Fuel oil, residues-straight-run gas oils, high-sulfur.
68476-33-5 Fuel oil, residual.
68476-34-6 Fuels, diesel, no. 2.
68476-39-1 Hydrocarbons, aliph.-arom.-C4-5-olefinic.
68476-40-4 Hydrocarbons, C3-4.
68476-42-6 Hydrocarbons, C4-5.
68476-43-7 Hydrocarbons, C4-6, C5-rich.
68476-44-8 Hydrocarbons, C>3.
68476-45-9 Hydrocarbons, C5-10 arom. conc., ethylene-manuf.-by-product.
68476-46-0 Hydrocarbons, C3-11, catalytic cracker distillates.
68476-47-1 Hydrocarbons, C2-6, C6-8 catalytic reformer.
68476-49-3 Hydrocarbons, C2-4, C3-rich.
68476-50-6 Hydrocarbons, C≥5, C5-6-rich.
68476-52-8 Hydrocarbons, C4, ethylene-manuf.-by-product.
68476-53-9 Hydrocarbons, C≥20, petroleum wastes.
68476-54-0 Hydrocarbons, C3-5, polymn. unit feed.
68476-55-1 Hydrocarbons, C5-rich.
68476-56-2 Hydrocarbons, cyclic C5 and C6.
68476-77-7 Lubricating oils, refined used.
68476-81-3 Paraffin waxes and Hydrocarbon waxes, oxidized, calcium salts.
68476-84-6 Petroleum products, gases, inorg.
68476-85-7 Petroleum gases, liquefied.
68476-86-8 Petroleum gases, liquefied, sweetened.
68477-25-8 Waste gases, vent gas, C1-6.
68477-26-9 Wastes, petroleum.
68477-29-2 Distillates (petroleum), catalytic reformer fractionator residue, high-boiling.
68477-30-5 Distillates (petroleum), catalytic reformer fractionator residue, intermediate-boiling.
68477-31-6 Distillates (petroleum), catalytic reformer fractionator residue, low-boiling.
68477-33-8 Gases (petroleum), C3-4, isobutane-rich.
68477-34-9 Distillates (petroleum), C3-5, 2-methyl-2-butene-rich.
68477-35-0 Distillates (petroleum), C3-6, piperylene-rich.
68477-36-1 Distillates (petroleum), cracked steam-cracked, C5-18 fraction.
68477-38-3 Distillates (petroleum), cracked steam-cracked petroleum distillates.
68477-39-4 Distillates (petroleum), cracked stripped steam-cracked petroleum distillates, C8-10 fraction.
68477-40-7 Distillates (petroleum), cracked stripped steam-cracked petroleum distillates, C10-12 fraction.
68477-41-8 Gases (petroleum), extractive, C3-5, butadiene-butene-rich.
68477-42-9 Gases (petroleum), extractive, C3-5, butene-isobutylene-rich.
68477-44-1 Distillates (petroleum), heavy naphthenic, mixed with steam-cracked petroleum distillates C5-12 fraction.
68477-47-4 Distillates (petroleum), mixed heavy olefin vacuum, heart-cut.
68477-48-5 Distillates (petroleum), mixed heavy olefin vacuum, low-boiling.
68477-53-2 Distillates (petroleum), steam-cracked, C5-12 fraction.
68477-54-3 Distillates (petroleum), steam-cracked, C8-12 fraction.
68477-55-4 Distillates (petroleum), steam-cracked, C5-10 fraction, mixed with light steam-cracked petroleum naphtha C5 fraction.
68477-58-7 Distillates (petroleum), steam-cracked petroleum distillates, C5-18 fraction.
68477-59-8 Distillates (petroleum), steam-cracked petroleum distillates cyclopentadiene conc.
68477-60-1 Extracts (petroleum), cold-acid.
68477-61-2 Extracts (petroleum), cold-acid, C4-6.
68477-62-3 Extracts (petroleum), cold-acid, C3-5, butene-rich.
68477-63-4 Extracts (petroleum), reformer recycle.
68477-64-5 Gases (petroleum), acetylene manuf. off.
68477-65-6 Gases (petroleum), amine system feed.
68477-66-7 Gases (petroleum), benzene unit hydrodesulfurizer off.
68477-67-8 Gases (petroleum), benzene unit recycle, hydrogen-rich.
68477-68-9 Gases (petroleum), blend oil, hydrogen-nitrogen-rich.
68477-69-0 Gases (petroleum), butane splitter overheads.
68477-70-3 Gases (petroleum), C2-3.
68477-71-4 Gases (petroleum), catalytic-cracked gas oil depropanizer bottoms, C4-rich acid-free.
68477-72-5 Gases (petroleum), catalytic-cracked naphtha debutanizer bottoms, C3-5-rich.
68477-73-6 Gases (petroleum), catalytic cracked naphtha depropanizer overhead, C3-rich acid-free.
68477-74-7 Gases (petroleum), catalytic cracker.
68477-75-8 Gases (petroleum), catalytic cracker, C1-5-rich.
68477-76-9 Gases (petroleum), catalytic polymd. naphtha stabilizer overhead, C2-4-rich.
68477-77-0 Gases (petroleum), catalytic reformed naphtha stripper overheads.
68477-79-2 Gases (petroleum), catalytic reformer, C1-4-rich.
68477-80-5 Gases (petroleum), C6-8 catalytic reformer recycle.
68477-81-6 Gases (petroleum), C6-8 catalytic reformer.
68477-82-.7 Gases (petroleum), C6-8 catalytic reformer recycle, hydrogen-rich.
68477-83-8 Gases (petroleum), C3-5 olefinic-paraffinic alkylation feed.
68477-84-9 Gases (petroleum), C2-return stream.
68477-85-0 Gases (petroleum), C4-rich.
68477-86-1. Gases (petroleum), deethanizer overheads.
68477-87-2. Gases (petroleum), deisobutanizer tower overheads.
68477-88-3 Gases (petroleum), deethanizer overheads, C3-rich.
68477-89-4 Distillates (petroleum), depentanizer overheads.
68477-90-7 Gases (petroleum), depropanizer dry, propene-rich.
68477-91-8 Gases (petroleum), depropanizer overheads.
68477-92-9 Gases (petroleum), dry sour, gas-concentration concn.-unit-off.
68477-93-0 Gases (petroleum), gas concn. reabsorber distn.
68477-94-1 Gases (petroleum), gas recovery plant depropanizer overheads
68477-95-2 Gases (petroleum), Girbatol unit feed.
68477-96-3 Gases (petroleum), hydrogen absorber off.
68477-97-4 Gases (petroleum), hydrogen-rich.
68477-98-5 Gases (petroleum), hydrotreater blend oil recycle, hydrogen-nitrogen rich.
68477-99-6 Gases (petroleum), isomerized naphtha fractionater, C4-rich, hydrogen sulfide-free.
68478-00-2 Gases (petroleum), recycle, hydrogen-rich.
68478-01-3 Gases (petroleum), reformer make-up, hydrogen-rich.
68478-02-4 Gases (petroleum), reforming hydrotreater.
68478-03-5 Gases (petroleum), reforming hydrotreater, hydrogen-methane-rich.
68478-04-6 Gases (petroleum), reforming hydrotreater make-up, hydrogen-rich.
68478-05-7 Gases (petroleum), thermal cracking distn.
68478-08-0 Naphtha (petroleum), light steam-cracked, C5-fraction, oligomer conc.
68478-10-4 Naphtha (petroleum), light steam-cracked, debenzenized, C8-16-cycloalkadiene conc.
68478-12-6 Residues (petroleum), butane splitter bottoms.
68478-13-7 Residues (petroleum), catalytic reformer fractionator residue distn.
68478-15-9 Residues (petroleum), C6-8 catalytic reformer.
68478-16-0 Residual oils (petroleum), deisobutanizer tower.
68478-17-1 Residues (petroleum), heavy coker gas oil and vacuum gas oil.
68478-18-2 Residues (petroleum), heavy olefin vacuum.
68478-19-3 Residual oils (petroleum), propene purifn. splitter.
68478-20-6 Residues (petroleum), steam-cracked petroleum distillates cyclopentadiene conc., C4-cyclopentadiene-free.
68478-22-8 Tail gas (petroleum), catalytic cracked naphtha stabilization absorber.
68478-24-0 Tail gas (petroleum), catalytic cracker, catalytic reformer and hydrodesulfurizer combined fractionater.
68478-25-1 Tail gas (petroleum), catalytic cracker refractionation absorber.
68478-26-2 Tail gas (petroleum), catalytic reformed naphtha fractionation stabilizer.
68478-27-3 Tail gas (petroleum), catalytic reformed naphtha separator.
68478-28-4 Tail gas (petroleum), catalytic reformed naphtha stabilizer.
68478-29-5 Tail gas (petroleum), cracked distillate hydrotreater separator.
68478-30-8 Tail gas (petroleum), hydrodesulfurized straight-run naphtha separator.
68478-31-9 Tail gas (petroleum), isomerized naphtha fractionates, hydrogen sulfide-free.
68478-32-0 Tail gas (petroleum), saturate gas plant mixed stream, C4-rich.
68478-33-1 Tail gas (petroleum), saturate gas recovery plant, C1-2-rich.
68478-34-2 Tail gas (petroleum), vacuum residues thermal cracker.
68512-61-8 Residues (petroleum), heavy coker and light vacuum.
68512-62-9 Residues (petroleum), light vacuum.
68512-78-7 Solvent naphtha (petroleum), light arom., hydrotreated.
68512-91-4 Hydrocarbons, C3-4-rich, petroleum distillates.
68513-02-0 Naphtha (petroleum), full-range coker.
68513-03-1 Naphtha (petroleum), light catalytic reformed, arom.-free.
68513-11-1 Fuel gases, hydrotreater fractionation, scrubbed.
68513-12-2 Fuel gases, saturate gas unit fractionater-absorber overheads.
68513-13-3 Fuel gases, thermal cracked catalytic cracking residue.
68513-14-4 Gases (petroleum), catalytic reformed straight-run naphtha stabilizer overheads.
68513-15-5 Gases (petroleum), full-range straight-run naphtha dehexanizer off.
68513-16-6 Gases (petroleum), hydrocracking depropanizer off, hydrocarbon-rich.
68513-17-7 Gases (petroleum), light straight-run naphtha stabilizer off.
68513-18-8 Gases (petroleum), reformer effluent high-pressure flash drum off.
68513-19-9 Gases (petroleum), reformer effluent low-pressure flash drum off.
68513-62-2 Disulfides, C5-12-alkyl.
68513-63-3 Distillates (petroleum), catalytic reformed straight-run naphtha overheads.
68513-65-5 Butane, branched and linear.
68513-66-6 Residues (petroleum), alkylation splitter, C4-rich.
68513-67-7 Residues (petroleum), cyclooctadiene bottoms.
68513-68-8 Residues (petroleum), deethanizer tower.
68513-69-9 Residues (petroleum), steam-cracked light.
68513-74-6 Waste gases, ethylene oxide absorber-reactor.
68514-15-8 Gasoline, vapor-recovery.
68514-29-4 Hydrocarbons, amylene feed debutanizer overheads non-extractable raffinates.
68514-31-8 Hydrocarbons, C1-4.
68514-32-9 Hydrocarbons, C10 and C12, olefin-rich.
68514-33-0 Hydrocarbons, C12 and C14, olefin-rich.
68514-34-1 Hydrocarbons, C9-14, ethylene-manuf.-by-product.
68514-35-2 Hydrocarbons, C14-30, olefin-rich.
68514-36-3 Hydrocarbons, C1-4, sweetened.
68514-37-4 Hydrocarbons, C4-5-unsatd..
68514-38-5 Hydrocarbons, C4-10-unsatd..
68514-39-6 Naphtha (petroleum), light steam-cracked, isoprene-rich.
68514-79-4 Petroleum products, hydrofiner-powerformer reformates.
68515-25-3 Benzene, C1-9-alkyl derivs.
68515-26-4 Benzene, di-C12-14-alkyl derivs.
68515-27-5 Benzene, di-C10-14-alkyl derivs., fractionation overheads, heavy ends.
68515-28-6 Benzene, di-C10-14-alkyl derivs., fractionation overheads, light ends.
68515-29-7 Benzene, di-C10-14-alkyl derivs., fractionation overheads, middle cut.
68515-30-0 Benzene, mono-C20-48-alkyl derivs.
68515-32-2 Benzene, mono-C12-14-alkyl derivs., fractionation bottoms.
68515-33-3 Benzene, mono-C10-12-alkyl derivs., fractionation bottoms, heavy ends.
68515-34-4 Benzene, mono-C12-14-alkyl derivs., fractionation bottoms, heavy ends.
68515-35-5 Benzene, mono-C10-12-alkyl derivs., fractionation bottoms, light ends.
68515-36-6 Benzene, mono-C12-14-alkyl derivs., fractionation bottoms, light ends.
68516-20-1 Naphtha (petroleum), steam-cracked middle arom.
68526-52-3 Alkenes, C6.
68526-53-4 Alkenes, C6-8, C7-rich.
68526-54-5 Alkenes, C7-9, C8-rich.
68526-55-6 Alkenes, C8-10, C9-rich.
68526-56-7 Alkenes, C9-11, C10-rich.
68526-57-8 Alkenes, C10-12, C11-rich.
68526-58-9 Alkenes, C11-13, C12-rich.
68526-77-2 Aromatic hydrocarbons, ethane cracking scrubber effluent and flare drum.
68526-99-8 Alkenes, C6-9 .alpha.-.
68527-00-4 Alkenes, C8-9 .alpha.-.
68527-11-7 Alkenes, C5.
68527-13-9 Gases (petroleum), acid, ethanolamine scrubber.
68527-14-0 Gases (petroleum), methane-rich off.
68527-15-1 Gases (petroleum), oil refinery gas distn. off.
68527-16-2 Hydrocarbons, C1-3.
68527-18-4 Gas oils (petroleum), steam-cracked.
68527-19-5 Hydrocarbons, C1-4, debutanizer fraction.
68527-21-9 Naphtha (petroleum), clay-treated full-range straight-run.
68527-22-0 Naphtha (petroleum), clay-treated light straight-run.
68527-23-1 Naphtha (petroleum), light steam-cracked arom.
68527-26-4 Naphtha (petroleum), light steam-cracked, debenzenized.
68527-27-5 Naphtha (petroleum), full-range alkylate, butane-contg.
68553-00-4 Fuel oil, no. 6.
68553-14-0 Hydrocarbons, C8-11.
68602-79-9 Distillates (petroleum), benzene unit hydrotreater dipentanizer overheads.
68602-81-3 Distillates, hydrocarbon resin prodn. higher boiling.
68602-82-4 Gases (petroleum), benzene unit hydrotreater depentenizer overheads.
68602-83-5 Gases (petroleum), C1-5, wet.
68602-84-6 Gases (petroleum), secondary absorber off, fluidized catalytic cracker overheads fractionater.
68602-96-0 Distillates (petroleum), oxidized light, strong acid components, compds. with diethanolamine.
68602-97-1 Distillates (petroleum), oxidized light, strong acid components, sodium salts.
68602-98-2 Distillates (petroleum), oxidized light, strong acid components.
68602-99-3 Distillates (petroleum), oxidized light, strong acid-free.
68603-00-9 Distillates (petroleum), thermal cracked naphtha and gas oil.
68603-01-0 Distillates (petroleum), thermal cracked naphtha and gas oil, C5-dimer-contg.
68603-02-1 Distillates (petroleum), thermal cracked naphtha and gas oil, dimerized.
68603-03-2 Distillates (petroleum), thermal cracked naphtha and gas oil, extractive.
68603-08-7 Naphtha (petroleum), arom.- contg.
68603-09-8 Hydrocarbon waxes (petroleum), oxidized, calcium salts.
68603-10-1 Hydrocarbon waxes (petroleum), oxidized, Me esters, barium salts.
68603-11-2 Hydrocarbon waxes (petroleum), oxidized, Me esters, calcium salts.
68603-12-3 Hydrocarbon waxes (petroleum), oxidized, Me esters, sodium salts.
68603-13-4 Petrolatum (petroleum), oxidized, ester with sorbitol.
68603-14-5 Residual oils (petroleum), oxidized, calcium salts.
68603-31-6 Alkenes, C10, tert-amylene concentrator by-product.
68603-32-7 Alkenes, C15-20 .alpha.-, isomerized.
68606-09-7 Fuel gases, expander off.
68606-10-0 Gasoline, pyrolysis, debutanizer bottoms.
68606-11-1 Gasoline, straight-run, topping-plant.
68606-24-6 Hydrocarbons, C4, butene concentrator by-product.
68606-25-7 Hydrocarbons, C2-4.
68606-26-8 Hydrocarbons, C3.
68606-27-9 Gases (petroleum), alkylation feed.
68606-28-0 Hydrocarbons, C5 and C10-aliph. and C6-8-arom.
68606-31-5 Hydrocarbons, C3-5, butadiene purification (purifn.) by-product.
68606-34-8 Gases (petroleum), depropanizer bottoms fractionation off.
68606-36-0 Hydrocarbons, C5-unsatd. rich, isoprene purifn. by-product.
68607-11-4 Petroleum products, refinery gases.
68607-30-7 Residues (petroleum), topping plant, low-sulfur.
68608-56-0 Waste gases, from carbon black manuf.
68647-60-9 Hydrocarbons, C>4.
68647-61-0 Hydrocarbons, C4-5, tert-amylene concentrator by-product.
68647-62-1 Hydrocarbons, C4-5, butene concentrator by-product, sour.
68650-36-2 Aromatic hydrocarbons, C8, o-xylene-lean.
68650-37-3 Paraffin waxes (petroleum), oxidized, sodium salts.
68782-97-8 Distillates (petroleum), hydrofined lubricating-oil.
68782-98-9 Extracts (petroleum), clarified oil solvent, condensed-ring-arom.-contg.
68782-99-0 Extracts (petroleum), heavy clarified oil solvent, condensed-ring-arom.-contg.
68783-00-6 Extracts (petroleum), heavy naphthenic distillate solvent, arom. conc.
68783-01-7 Extracts (petroleum), heavy naphthenic distillate solvent, paraffinic conc.
68783-02-8 Extracts (petroleum), intermediate clarified oil solvent, condensed-ring-arom.-contg.
68783-04-0 Extracts (petroleum), solvent-refined heavy paraffinic distillate solvent.
68783-05-1 Gases (petroleum), ammonia-hydrogen sulfide, water-satd.
68783-06-2 Gases (petroleum), hydrocracking low-pressure separator.
68783-07-3 Gases (petroleum), refinery blend.
68783-08-4 Gas oils (petroleum), heavy atmospheric.
68783-09-5 Naphtha (petroleum), catalytic cracked light distd.
68783-12-0 Naphtha (petroleum), unsweetened.
68783-13-1 Residues (petroleum), coker scrubber, condensed-ring-arom.-contg.
68783-15-3 Alkenes, C6-7 .alpha.-.
68783-61-9 Fuel gases, refinery, sweetened.
68783-62-0 Fuel gases, refinery, unsweetened.
68783-64-2 Gases (petroleum), catalytic cracking.
68783-65-3 Gases (petroleum), C2-4, sweetened.
68783-66-4 Naphtha (petroleum), light, sweetened.
68814-47-1 Waste gases, refinery vent.
68814-67-5 Gases (petroleum), refinery.
68814-87-9 Distillates (petroleum), full-range straight-run middle.
68814-89-1 Extracts (petroleum), heavy paraffinic distillates, solvent-deasphalted.
68814-90-4 Gases (petroleum), platformer products separator off.
68814-91-5 Alkenes, C5-9 .alpha.-.
68855-57-2 Alkenes, C6-12 .alpha.-.
68855-58-3 Alkenes, C10-16 .alpha.-.
68855-59-4 Alkenes, C14-18 .alpha.-.
68855-60-7 Alkenes, C14-20 .alpha.-.
68911-58-0 Gases (petroleum), hydrotreated sour kerosine depentanizer stabilizer off.
68911-59-1 Gases (petroleum), hydrotreated sour kerosine flash drum.
68915-96-8 Distillates (petroleum), heavy straight-run.
68915-97-9 Gas oils (petroleum), straight-run, high-boiling.
68918-69-4 Petrolatum (petroleum), oxidized, zinc salt.
68918-73-0 Residues (petroleum), clay-treating filter wash.
68918-93-4 Paraffin waxes and Hydrocarbon waxes, oxidized, alkali metal salts.
68918-98-9 Fuel gases, refinery, hydrogen sulfide-free.
68918-99-0 Gases (petroleum), crude oil fractionation off.
68919-00-6 Gases (petroleum), dehexanizer off.
68919-01-7 Gases (petroleum), distillate unifiner desulfurization stripper off.
68919-02-8 Gases (petroleum), fluidized catalytic cracker fractionation off.
68919-03-9 Gases (petroleum), fluidized catalytic cracker scrubbing secondary absorber off.
68919-04-0 Gases (petroleum), heavy distillate hydrotreater desulfurization stripper off.
68919-05-1 Gases (petroleum), light straight run gasoline fractionation stabilizer off.
68919-06-2 Gases (petroleum), naphtha unifiner desulfurization stripper off.
68919-07-3 Gases (petroleum), platformer stabilizer off, light ends fractionation.
68919-08-4 Gases (petroleum), preflash tower off, crude distn.
68919-09-5 Gases (petroleum), straight-run naphtha catalytic reforming off.
68919-10-8 Gases (petroleum), straight-run stabilizer off.
68919-11-9 Gases (petroleum), tar stripper off.
68919-12-0 Gases (petroleum), unifiner stripper off.
68919-15-3 Hydrocarbons, C6-12, benzene-recovery.
68919-16-4 Hydrocarbons, catalytic alkylation, by-products, C3-6.
68919-17-5 Hydrocarbons, C12-20, catalytic alkylation by-products.
68919-19-7 Gases (petroleum), fluidized catalytic cracker splitter residues.
68919-20-0 Gases (petroleum), fluidized catalytic cracker splitter overheads.
68919-37-9 Naphtha (petroleum), full-range reformed.
68920-06-9 Hydrocarbons, C7-9.
68920-07-0 Hydrocarbons, C<10-linear.
68920-64-9 Disulfides, di-C1-2-alkyl.
68921-07-3 Distillates (petroleum), hydrotreated light catalytic cracked.
68921-08-4 Distillates (petroleum), light straight-run gasoline fractionation stabilizer overheads.
68921-09-5 Distillates (petroleum), naphtha unifiner stripper.
68921-67-5 Hydrocarbons, ethylene-manuf.-by-product distn. residues.
68952-76-1 Gases (petroleum), catalytic cracked naphtha debutanizer.
68952-77-2 Tail gas (petroleum), catalytic cracked distillate and naphtha stabilizer.
68952-78-3 Tail gas (petroleum), catalytic hydrodesulfurized distillate fractionation stabilizer, hydrogen sulfide-free.
68952-79-4 Tail gas (petroleum), catalytic hydrodesulfurized naphtha separator.
68952-80-7 Tail gas (petroleum), straight-run naphtha hydrodesulfurizer.
68952-81-8 Tail gas (petroleum), thermal-cracked distillate, gas oil and naphtha absorber.
68952-82-9 Tail gas (petroleum), thermal cracked hydrocarbon fractionation stabilizer, petroleum coking.
68953-80-0 Benzene, mixed with toluene, dealkylation product.
68955-27-1 Distillates (petroleum), petroleum residues vacuum.
68955-28-2 Gases (petroleum), light steam-cracked, butadiene conc.
68955-31-7 Gases (petroleum), butadiene process, inorg.
68955-32-8 Natural gas, substitute, steam-reformed desulfurized naphtha.
68955-33-9 Gases (petroleum), sponge absorber off, fluidized catalytic cracker and gas oil desulfurizer overhead fractionation.
68955-34-0 Gases (petroleum), straight-run naphtha catalytic reformer stabilizer overhead.
68955-35-1 Naphtha (petroleum), catalytic reformed.
68955-36-2 Residues (petroleum), steam-cracked, resinous.
68955-76-0 Aromatic hydrocarbons, C9-16, biphenyl deriv.-rich.
68955-96-4 Disulfides, dialkyl and di-Ph, naphtha sweetening.
68956-47-8 Fuel oil, isoprene reject absorption.
68956-48-9 Fuel oil, residual, wastewater skimmings.
68956-52-5 Hydrocarbons, C4-8.
68956-54-7 Hydrocarbons, C4-unsatd.
68956-55-8 Hydrocarbons, C5-unsatd.
68956-70-7 Petroleum products, C5-12, reclaimed, wastewater treatment.
68988-79-4 Benzene, C10-12-alkyl derivs., distn. residues.
68988-99-8 Phenols, sodium salts, mixed with sulfur compounds, gasoline alk. scrubber residues.
68989-88-8 Gases (petroleum), crude distn. and catalytic cracking.
68990-35-2 Distillates (petroleum), arom., hydrotreated, dicyclopentadiene-rich.
68991-49-1 Alkanes, C10-13, arom.-free desulfurized.
68991-50-4 Alkanes, C14-17, arom.-free desulfurized.
68991-51-5 Alkanes, C10-13, desulfurized.
68991-52-6 Alkenes, C10-16.
69013-21-4 Fuel oil, pyrolysis.
69029-75-0 Oils, reclaimed.
69430-33-7 Hydrocarbons, C6-30.
70024-88-3 Ethene, thermal cracking products.
70528-71-1 Distillates (petroleum), heavy distillate solvent ext. heart-cut.
70528-72-2 Distillates (petroleum), heavy distillate solvent ext. vacuum overheads.
70528-73-3 Residues (petroleum), heavy distillate solvent ext. vacuum.
70592-76-6 Distillates (petroleum), intermediate vacuum.
70592-77-7 Distillates (petroleum), light vacuum.
70592-78-8 Distillates (petroleum), vacuum.
70592-79-9 Residues (petroleum), atm. tower, light.
70693-00-4 Hydrocarbon waxes (petroleum), oxidized, sodium salts.
70693-06-0 Aromatic hydrocarbons, C9-11.
70913-85-8 Residues (petroleum), solvent-extd. vacuum distilled atm. residuum.
70913-86-9 Alkanes, C18-70.
70955-08-7 Alkanes, C4-6.
70955-09-8 Alkenes, C13-14 .alpha.-.
70955-10-1 Alkenes, C15-18 .alpha.-.
70955-17-8 Aromatic hydrocarbons, C12-20.
71243-66-8 Hydrocarbon waxes (petroleum), clay-treated, microcryst., oxidized, potassium salts.
71302-82-4 Hydrocarbons, C5-8, houdry butadiene manuf. by-product.
71329-37-8 Residues (petroleum), catalytic cracking depropanizer, C4-rich.
71808-30-5 Tail gas (petroleum), thermal cracking absorber.
72230-71-8 Distillates (petroleum), cracked steam-cracked, C5-17 fraction.
72623-83-7 Lubricating oils (petroleum), C>25, hydrotreated bright stock-based.
72623-84-8 Lubricating oils (petroleum), C15-30, hydrotreated neutral oil-based, contg. solvent deasphalted residual oil.
72623-85-9 Lubricating oils (petroleum), C20-50, hydrotreated neutral oil-based, high-viscosity.
72623-86-0 Lubricating oils (petroleum), C15-30, hydrotreated neutral oil-based.
72623-87-1 Lubricating oils (petroleum), C20-50, hydrotreated neutral oil-based.
73138-65-5 Hydrocarbon waxes (petroleum), oxidized, magnesium salts.
92045-43-7 Lubricating oils (petroleum), hydrocracked non-arom. solvent deparaffined.
92045-58-4 Naphtha (petroleum), isomerization, C6-fraction.
92062-09-4 Slack wax (petroleum), hydrotreated.
93762-80-2 Alkenes, C15-18.
98859-55-3 Distillates (petroleum), oxidized heavy, compds. with diethanolamine.
98859-56-4 Distillates (petroleum), oxidized heavy, sodium salts.
101316-73-8 Lubricating oils (petroleum), used, non-catalytically refined.
164907-78-2 Extracts (petroleum), asphaltene-low vacuum residue solvent.
164907-79-3 Residues (petroleum), vacuum, asphaltene-low.
178603-63-9 Gas oils (petroleum), vacuum, hydrocracked, hydroisomerized, hydrogenated, C10-25.
178603-64-0 Gas oils (petroleum), vacuum, hydrocracked, hydroisomerized, hydrogenated, C15-30, branched and cyclic.
178603-65-1 Gas oils (petroleum), vacuum, hydrocracked, hydroisomerized, hydrogenated, C20-40, branched and cyclic.
178603-66-2 Gas oils (petroleum), vacuum, hydrocracked, hydroisomerized, hydrogenated, C25-55, branched and cyclic.
212210-93-0 Solvent naphtha (petroleum), heavy arom., distn. residues.
221120-39-4 Distillates (petroleum), cracked steam-cracked, C5-12 fraction.
445411-73-4 Gas oils (petroleum), vacuum, hydrocracked, hydroisomerized, hydrogenated, C10-25, branched and cyclic.

(2) Specific exempted chemical substances -

(i) Exemption. EPA has determined that, at this time, the information in § 711.15(b)(4) associated with the chemical substances listed in paragraph (b)(2)(iv) of this section is of low current interest.

(ii) Considerations. In making its determination of whether this partial exemption should apply to a particular chemical substance, EPA will consider the totality of information available for the chemical substance in question, including but not limited to, one or more of the following considerations:

(A) Whether the chemical substance qualifies or has qualified in past IUR or CDR collections for the reporting of the information described in § 711.15(b)(4).

(B) The chemical substance's chemical and physical properties or potential for persistence, bioaccumulation, health effects, or environmental effects (considered independently or together).

(C) The information needs of EPA, other Federal agencies, Tribes, States, and local governments, as well as members of the public.

(D) The availability of other complementary risk screening information.

(E) The availability of comparable processing and use information.

(F) Whether the potential risks of the chemical substance are adequately managed.

(iii) Amendments. EPA may amend the chemical substance list in paragraph (b)(2)(iv) of this section on its own initiative or in response to a request from the public based on EPA's determination of whether the information in § 711.15(b)(4) is of low interest.

(A) Any person may request that EPA amend the chemical substance list in Table 2 in paragraph (b)(2)(iv) of this section. Your request must be in writing and must be submitted to the address provided in 40 CFR 700.17(a). Please label your request as follows: Attention: TSCA Chemical Data Reporting - Partial Exemption Request. Requests must identify the chemical substance in question, as well as its CASRN or other chemical identification number as identified in § 711.15(b)(3)(i), and must contain a written rationale for the request that provides sufficient specific information, addressing the considerations listed in § 711.6(b)(2)(ii), including cites and relevant documents, to demonstrate to EPA that the collection of the information in § 711.15(b)(4) for the chemical substance in question either is or is not of low current interest. If a request related to a particular chemical substance is resubmitted, any subsequent request must clearly identify new information contained in the request. EPA may request other information that it believes necessary to evaluate the request. EPA will issue a written response to each request within 120 days of receipt of the request, and will maintain copies of these responses in a docket that will be established for each reporting cycle.

(B) As needed, the Agency will initiate rulemaking to make revisions to Table 2 in paragraph (b)(2)(iv) of this section.

(C) To assist EPA in reaching a decision regarding a particular request prior to a given principal reporting year, requests must be submitted to EPA no later than 12 months prior to the start of the next principal reporting year.

(iv) List of chemical substances. EPA has designated the chemical substances listed in Table 2 of this paragraph by CASRN, as partially exempt from reporting under the CDR.

Table 2 - CASRN of Partially Exempt Chemical Substances

CASRN Chemical
50-70-4 D-glucitol.
50-81-7 L-ascorbic acid.
50-99-7 D-glucose.
56-81-5 1,2,3-Propanetriol.
56-87-1 L-lysine.
57-48-7 D-fructose.
57-50-1 .alpha.-D-Glucopyranoside, .beta.-D-fructofuranosyl.
58-95-7 2H-1-Benzopyran-6-ol, 3,4-dihydro-2,5,7,8-tetramethyl-2-[(4R,8R)-4,8,12- trimethyltridecyl]-, acetate, (2R)-.
59-02-9 2H-1-Benzopyran-6-ol, 3,4-dihydro-2,5,7,8-tetramethyl-2-[(4R,8R)-4,8,12- trimethyltridecyl]-, (2R)-.
59-51-8 Methionine.
68-04-2 1,2,3-Propanetricarboxylic acid, 2-hydroxy-, sodium salt (1:3).
69-65-8 D-mannitol.
77-92-9 1,2,3-Propanetricarboxylic acid, 2-hydroxy-.
87-79-6 L-sorbose.
87-99-0 Xylitol.
96-10-6 Aluminum, chlorodiethyl-.
97-93-8 Aluminum, triethyl-.
100-99-2 Aluminum, tris(2-methylpropyl)-.
123-94-4 Octadecanoic acid, 2,3-dihydroxypropyl ester.
124-38-9 Carbon dioxide.
137-08-6 .beta.-Alanine, N-[(2R)-2,4-dihydroxy-3,3-dimethyl-1-oxobutyl]-, calcium alt (2:1).
142-47-2 L-glutamic acid, monosodium salt.
150-30-1 Phenylalanine.
504-63-2 1,3-Propanediol.
563-43-9 Aluminum, dichloroethyl-.
866-84-2 1,2,3-Propanetricarboxylic acid, 2-hydroxy-, potassium salt (1:3).
1070-00-4 Aluminum, trioctyl-.
1116-70-7 Aluminum, tributyl-.
1116-73-0 Aluminum, trihexyl-.
1191-15-7 Aluminum, hydrobis(2-methylpropyl)-.
1317-65-3 Limestone.
1333-74-0 Hydrogen.
1592-23-0 Octadecanoic acid, calcium salt.
7440-37-1 Argon.
7440-44-0 Carbon.
7727-37-9 Nitrogen.
7782-42-5 Graphite.
7782-44-7 Oxygen.
8001-21-6 Sunflower oil.
8001-22-7 Soybean oil.
8001-23-8 Safflower oil.
8001-26-1 Linseed oil.
8001-29-4 Cottonseed oil.
8001-30-7 Corn oil.
8001-31-8 Coconut oil.
8001-78-3 Castor oil, hydrogenated.
8001-79-4 Castor oil.
8002-03-7 Peanut oil.
8002-13-9 Rape oil.
8002-43-5 Lecithins.
8002-75-3 Palm oil.
8006-54-0 Lanolin.
8013-07-8 Soybean oil, epoxidized.
8016-28-2 Lard, oil.
8016-70-4 Soybean oil, hydrogenated.
8021-99-6 Charcoal, bone.
8023-79-8 Oils, palm kernel.
8029-43-4 Syrups, hydrolyzed starch.
11103-57-4 Vitamin A.
12075-68-2 Aluminum, di-.mu.-chlorochlorotriethyldi-.
12542-85-7 Aluminum, trichlorotrimethyldi-.
16291-96-6 Charcoal.
26836-47-5 D-glucitol, monooctadecanoate.
61788-61-2 Fatty acids, tallow, methyl esters.
61789-44-4 Fatty acids, castor-oil.
61789-97-7 Tallow.
61789-99-9 Lard.
64147-40-6 Castor oil, dehydrated.
64755-01-7 Fatty acids, tallow, calcium salts.
65996-63-6 Starch, acid-hydrolyzed.
65996-64-7 Starch, enzyme-hydrolyzed.
66071-94-1 Corn, steep liquor.
67701-01-3 Fatty acids, C12-18.
67762-26-9 Fatty acids, C14-18 and C16-18 unsaturated, methyl esters.
67762-38-3 Fatty acids, C16-18 and C-18 unsaturated, methyl esters.
67784-80-9 Soybean oil, methyl esters.
68002-85-7 Fatty acids, C14-22 and C16-22-unsatd.
68131-37-3 Syrups, hydrolyzed starch, dehydrated.
68188-81-8 Grease, poultry.
68308-36-1 Soybean meal.
68308-54-3 Glycerides, tallow mono-, di- and tri-, hydrogenated.
68334-00-9 Cottonseed oil, hydrogenated.
68334-28-1 Fats and glyceridic oils, vegetable, hydrogenated.
68409-76-7 Bone meal, steamed.
68424-45-3 Fatty acids, linseed-oil.
68424-61-3 Glycerides, C16-18 and C18-unsatd. mono- and di-.
68425-17-2 Syrups, hydrolyzed starch, hydrogenated
68439-86-1 Bone, ash.
68442-69-3 Benzene, mono-C10-14-alkyl derivs.
68476-78-8 Molasses.
68514-27-2 Grease, catch basin.
68514-74-9 Palm oil, hydrogenated.
68525-87-1 Corn oil, hydrogenated.
68648-87-3 Benzene, C10-16-alkyl derivs.
68918-42-3 Soaps, stocks, soya.
68952-94-3 Soaps, stocks, vegetable-oil.
68956-68-3 Fats and glyceridic oils, vegetable.
68989-98-0 Fats and glyceridic oils, vegetable, residues.
70131-50-9 Bentonite, acid-leached.
73138-67-7 Lard, hydrogenated.
120962-03-0 Canola oil.
129813-58-7 Benzene, mono-C10-13-alkyl derivs.
129813-59-8 Benzene, mono-C12-14-alkyl derivs.
129813-60-1 Benzene, mono-C14-16-alkyl derivs.
129828-16-6 Fatty acids, canola oil, methyl esters.
515152-40-6 Fatty acids, corn oil, methyl esters.
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