40 CFR § 713.11 - Specific requirements for which information must be reported.

§ 713.11 Specific requirements for which information must be reported.

Except as described at § 713.7:

(a) Any person who manufactures (including imports) mercury must specify, as applicable, the specific mercury compound(s) from a pre-selected list (as listed in Table 1 of this part).

(b) Any person who manufactures (including imports) a mercury-added product must specify as applicable, the specific category(ies) and subcategory(ies) from a pre-selected list, as listed in Table 2 of this part:

Table 2 - Categories and Subcategories of Mercury-Added Products

Category Subcategory
Batteries - Button cell, silver.
- Button cell, zinc-air.
- Button cell, alkaline.
- Stacked button cell batteries.
- Manganese oxide.
- Silver oxide.
- Mercuric oxide, non-button cell.
- Button cell, mercuric oxide.
- Button cell, zinc carbon.
- Other (specify).
Dental amalgam [No subcategories].
Formulated products (includes uses in cosmetics, pesticides, and laboratory chemicals) - Skin-lightening creams.
- Lotions.
- Soaps and sanitizers.
- Bath oils and salts.
- Topical antiseptics.
- Preservatives (e.g., for use in vaccines and eye-area cosmetics when no preservative alternatives are available).
- Pharmaceuticals (including prescription and over-the-counter drug products).
- Cleaning products (not registered as pesticides under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act).
- Pesticides.
- Paints.
- Dyes.
- Reagents (e.g., catalysts, buffers, fixatives).
- Other (specify).
Lighting, lamps, bulbs - Linear fluorescent.
- Compact fluorescent.
- U-tube and circular fluorescent.
- Cold cathode fluorescent.
- External electrode fluorescent.
- Mercury vapor.
- Metal halide.
- High pressure sodium.
- Mercury short arc.
- Neon.
- Other (specify).
Measuring instruments - Barometer.
- Fever thermometer.
- Flow meter.
- Hydrometer.
- Hygrometer/psychrometer.
- Manometer.
- Non-fever thermometer.
- Pyrometer.
- Sphygmomanometer.
- Other (specify).
Pump seals [No subcategories].
Switches, relays, sensors, valves - Tilt switch.
- Vibration switch.
- Float switch.
- Pressure switch.
- Temperature switch.
- Displacement relay.
- Wetted reed relay.
- Contact relay.
- Flame sensor.
- Thermostat.
- Other (specify).
Miscellaneous/novelty mercury-added products - Wheel weights.
- Wheel rotation balancers/stabilizers.
- Firearm recoil suppressors.
- Carburetor synchronizers.
- Joint support/shock absorption bands.
- Other (specify).

(c) Any person who otherwise intentionally uses mercury in a manufacturing process, other than the manufacture of a mercury compound or a mercury-added product, must identify, as applicable:

(1) The specific manufacturing process for which mercury is otherwise intentionally used from a pre-selected list, as listed in Table 3 of this part:

Table 3 - Manufacturing Process for Which Mercury Is Otherwise Intentionally Used

Chlorine production (e.g., mercury-cell chlor-alkali process).
Acetaldehyde production.
Sodium/potassium methylate/ethylate production.
Polyurethane/plastic production.
Other (specify).

(2) The specific use of mercury in a manufacturing process from a pre-selected list, as listed in Table 4 of this part:

Table 4 - Specific Use of Mercury in a Manufacturing Process

Other (specify).