40 CFR § 716.50 - Reporting physical and chemical properties.

§ 716.50 Reporting physical and chemical properties.

Studies of physical and chemical properties must be reported under this subpart if performed for the purpose of determining the environmental or biological fate of a substance, and only if they investigated one or more of the following properties:

(a) Water solubility.

(b) Adsorption/desorption on particulate surfaces, e.g., soil.

(c) Vapor pressure.

(d) Octanol/water partition coefficient.

(e) Density/relative density (specific gravity).

(f) Particle size distribution for insoluble solids.

(g) Dissociation constant.

(h) Degradation by photochemical mechanisms - aquatic and atmospheric.

(i) Degradation by chemical mechanisms - hydrolytic, reductive, and oxidative.

(j) Degradation by biological mechanisms - aerobic and anaerobic.

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