40 CFR § 725.170 - EPA review of the MCAN.

§ 725.170 EPA review of the MCAN.

General procedures for review of all submissions under this part are contained in §§ 725.28 through 725.60. In addition, the following procedures apply to EPA review of MCANs submitted under this subpart:

(a) Length of the review period. The MCAN review period specified in section 5(a) of the Act runs for 90 days from the date the Document Control Officer for the Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics receives a complete MCAN, or the date EPA determines the MCAN is complete under § 725.33, unless the Agency extends the period under section 5(c) of the Act and § 725.56.

(b) Notice of expiration of MCAN review period. (1) EPA will notify the submitter that the MCAN review period has expired or that EPA has completed its review of the MCAN. Expiration of the review period does not constitute EPA approval or certification of the new microorganism, and does not mean that EPA may not take regulatory action against the microorganism in the future.

(2) After expiration of the MCAN review period, in the absence of regulatory action by EPA under section 5(e), 5(f), or 6(a) of the Act, the submitter may manufacture or import the microorganism even if the submitter has not received notice of expiration.

(3) Early notification that EPA has completed its review does not permit commencement of manufacture or import prior to the expiration of the 90-day MCAN review period.

(c) No person submitting a MCAN in response to the requirements of this subpart may manufacture, import, or process a microorganism subject to this subpart until the review period, including all extensions and suspensions, has expired.