40 CFR § 725.350 - Procedural requirements for this subpart.

§ 725.350 Procedural requirements for this subpart.

General requirements for all submissions under this part are contained in subparts A through C of this part. In addition, the following requirements apply to applications submitted under this subpart:

(a) Prenotice consultation. EPA strongly suggests that for a TME, the applicant contact EPA for a prenotice consultation regarding eligibility for a TME.

(b) When to submit a TME application. Each person who is eligible to apply for a TME under this subpart must submit the application at least 45 calendar days before the person intends to commence the test marketing activity.

(c) Recordkeeping. Each person who is granted a TME must comply with the recordkeeping requirements of § 725.65. In addition, any person who obtains a TME must retain documentation of compliance with any restrictions imposed by EPA when it grants the TME. This information must be retained for 3 years from the final date of manufacture or import under the exemption.