40 CFR § 73.30 - Allowance tracking system accounts.

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§ 73.30 Allowance tracking system accounts.

(a) Nature and function of unit accounts. The Administrator will establish compliance accounts for all affected sources pursuant to § 73.31 (a) and (b). All allocations of allowances pursuant to subparts B, E, and F of this part and part 72 of this chapter, transfers of allowances made pursuant to subparts C and D, and deductions of allowances made for purposes of offsetting emissions pursuant to § 73.35 (b) and (d) and parts 72, 75, and 77 of this chapter will be recorded in the source's compliance account.

(b) Nature and function of general accounts. Transfers of allowances held for any person other than an affected source, made pursuant to subparts C, D, E, F, and G of this part will be recorded in that person's general account established pursuant to § 73.31(c).

[58 FR 3687, Jan. 11, 1993; 58 FR 40747, July 30, 1993, as amended at 70 FR 25335, May 12, 2005]