40 CFR § 761.304 - Determining sample location.

§ 761.304 Determining sample location.

(a) For 1 square meter non-porous surface areas having the same size and shape, it is permissible to sample the same 10 cm by 10 cm location or position in each identical 1 square meter area. This location or position is determined in accordance with § 761.306 or § 761.308.

(b) If some 1 square meter surfaces for a larger non-porous surface area have different sizes and shapes, separately select the 10 cm by 10 cm sampling position for each different 1 square meter surface in accordance with § 761.308.

(c) If non-porous surfaces have been cleaned and the cleaned surfaces do not meet the applicable standards or levels, surfaces may be recleaned and resampled. When resampling surfaces previously sampled to verify cleanup levels, use the sampling procedures in §§ 761.306 through 761.316 to resample the surfaces. If any sample site selected coincides with a previous sampling site, restart the sample selection process until all resampling sites are different from any previous sampling sites.